Why the delta variant is pseudo-science and propaganda

According to USA Today, more Australians have died from the COVID-19 vaccination than from COVID-19 this year. Still, Australia’s top medical officer, Paul Kelly, stresses the importance of the vaccine amongst a surge in “variants.”

From CNBC, “WHO officials said Wednesday there were reports that the delta variant also causes more severe symptoms, but that more research is needed to confirm those conclusions.” In other words, the WHO and Fauci are alerting the public that the big, bad delta is indeed the monster it’s purported to be…all based on conjecture? No. Rather, their claims are based on science they’ve created. Scientists say that delta is 60% more transmissible than alpha, the alleged variant that “swept the nation” in late 2020.

NBC News Monday morning spouts, “Because the delta variant is able to spread from person to person more easily, experts say those who have not had the vaccine remain especially vulnerable. ‘This is the most dangerous phase of the pandemic coming up for people who are unvaccinated,’ the director of the Mayo Clinic’s Vaccine Research Group in Rochester, Minnesota, said.”

Mainstream media and governments are quick to blame the phenomenon of rising cases in correlation with vaccination rates on “variants,” which is very clearly hogwash science according to several physicians; vaccines typically cover variants of a virus up to 60% different from the original. COVID-19 variants are 90-99% similar to the original Coronavirus that set the stage for New World Order, so the variant narrative is about as “real” as the idea that the Coronavirus didn’t come from a Wuhan, China lab.

The idea of variants was created to further stoke the flames of fear once people began to come out of hiding from the dreaded Coronavirus, which is really nothing but a benign family of viruses made to look scary by media and governments that desire more order, more control, and less freedom. Mainstream media has been warning of variants since March of 2020, almost as if they knew the COVID-19 scandal would last years if not longer.

Headlines used to purport the devastating nature of the Coronavirus include but aren’t limited to:

  • “America could be passing our darkest hour. But calamity could lie ahead if we don’t act.” Washington Post
  • “Despite COVID numbers dropping in Tri-state, concerns lie in variants.” WEHT
  • “WHO says delta is the fastest and fittest Covid variant and will ‘pick off’ most vulnerable.” CNBC
  • “The delta variant is the most dangerous SARS-CoV-2 mutation yet. It is the most transmissible form of the virus—and probably deadlier, too. Fortunately vaccines are still effective against it.” The Economist
  • “With Vaccination Goal in Doubt, Biden Warns of Variant’s Threat.” New York Times.
  • “Dangerous Time’: Doctor Warns of Summer Spread of Delta COVID Variant. If you have not gotten vaccinated, this is a potentially very dangerous time because the Delta variant is spreading.” NBC Boston

The list goes on ad nauseam; the media will stop at nothing to convince you to get the COVID-19 vaccine, despite more people dying from it in Australia than those who died from COVID-19 this year.

Fauci said Tuesday morning that the Delta variant is the “‘greatest threat’ to the nation’s efforts to eliminate Covid.” What science does he use to make that devastating proclamation? Fauci science, otherwise known as CCP and Democratic Party science… pseudo science…propaganda!

If a patient is unvaccinated, the CDC will run a PCR test at 45 cycles, almost three times higher than the recommended cycle count for anything but COVID-19. This ensures rising case counts for the unvaccinated.

Here’s the biggest problem in the Delta variant/vaccinated versus unvaccinated problem: the CDC, WHO, and Dr Fauci have conspired to make unvaccinated people test positive for COVID-19 more frequently. On May 13th, the CDC changed testing guidelines to accomplish exactly that task.

If a patient is vaccinated, the CDC recommends the PCR test be run at 28 cycles, which is still eleven cycles higher than the recommendation of 17 CT it put forth on the day of Biden’s inauguration. Therefore, cases will continue to rise even in vaccinated people, but at a lower rate than unvaccinated people…and most importantly, at a higher rate than in January-May.

This rising number of cases, still lower than the number of unvaccinated cases, will be used to purport variants, the danger of other strands, and the need for top-off booster shots.

In fact, the World Socialist Website proudly stoked the flames of fear directly from the WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, that “Delta variant of coronavirus will ‘pick off’ the unvaccinated.”

How could it not pick off the unvaccinated? When the WHO, CDC, and Dr. Fauci have conspired to create a deadly pandemic that’s entirely orchestrated with fake data, and those who are unvaccinated when tested are automatically set up to test positive for COVID-19, the vaccine narrative is pseudo-science. The delta variant narrative, or any other variant for that matter, is also pseudo-science.

Delta won’t be the last of it. Whether there’s another variant or another crisis, such as “racism,” “climate crisis,” “climate racism,” or another mass shooting or round of riots, it’s clear that the need for control of the population will continue to create and encourage pseudo-science…propaganda that the unfortunate citizens of Communist countries must endure each day. It’s here in the US, and just like those nations, we allow it.

~Darcy Schoening