Colorado conservatives delaying inevitable Biden presidency?

Colorado conservatives aren’t much different from the rest of the nation’s conservatives today; they want to see the election results overturned and Trump sworn in as President in January.

But that isn’t going to happen, and conservatives would be better served by using time and resources to figure out the next step rather than delaying the inevitable.

El Paso County GOP email

Weeks of election drama, spanning now into almost a month, have landed conservatives nowhere. While elections were obviously wrought with rampant fraud and improprieties, many of which were captured on video, there isn’t a smoking gun.

There isn’t enough to overturn an election.

But that premise is difficult for conservatives to digest, and when they are faced with such a thought, many Colorado conservatives simply refuse to listen.

In a November 17th email to constituents, El Paso County GOP chairwoman Vickie Tonkins asked recipients to send snail mail letters to Donald Trump so that he could use such letters to demand a recount from the Supreme Court. The level of understanding by the chair about how the process works is embarrassing; letters from Coloradoans aren’t going to overturn and election. Tonkins and the El Paso County GOP should focus on upcoming legislation and saving small businesses during a Biden tenure, preparing for worst case scenarios. Instead, they’re firing off emails about flag waving protests and snail mail letters to Stop the Steal.

Dominion Voting Systems is the stickiest election point for Coloradoans who are “stopping the steal.” Its past in Colorado, like most other states, is sketchy, and voters want answers about the controversy surrounding the machines. Why did Wayne Williams as Secretary of State solely sign a contract with Dominion? What was Wayne’s incentive to do so, if any? Why were voting machines allegedly connected to the internet in Atlanta and Michigan? Did the machines illegally dump fractions of a vote millions of times for Biden, throwing the election to him?

Those questions and more demand answers, but those answers have not yet been forthcoming, and without a smoking gun, the answers may be elusive for a long time if not forever.

Eric Coomer, executive for Dominion, is a known Antifa agitator. He even commented in a basement dweller meeting that there’s no way Trump will win, Coomer would ensure that. BUT, that’s a long cry from a smoking gun. Conservatives don’t have one, and it’s high time they realize that.

Fighting a losing battle while other politics need urgent attention is ill advised, but Colorado conservatives are falling apart at the seams. Attention should be focused on what to do if and when a Biden presidency begins.

How will Biden’s 100 Day Mask plea affect Colorado? This publication predicts that Colorado legislators at the request of Biden and his national communism committee will introduce a bill to make mask wearing a law. Which other communist edicts could become law in January when the legislature convenes? Colorado conservatives don’t know; they’re unfortunately too busy fighting a losing battle.

Courtesy of KKTV 11

While Stop the Steal has its political merits, waving flags outside the Denver Capitol isn’t going to change the outcome of the election. Nothing short of a smoking gun and subsequent Supreme Court ruling will do so, and nothing Coloradoans do is going to change those facts before the electoral college convenes in ten days.

Colorado conservatives would be wise to spend less time waving flags on the side of the interstate for causes they cannot affect and spend more time researching the causes they can affect. When session re-convenes in January, there will be a host of communist bills (future laws) born out of Rona fear, and they’re going to be dangerous. It’s time to put down the flag pole and go to work.

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