MLB & the clueless woke; from a black reader with ID

Let’s face it, the MLB has been a losing enterprise for years. When have we last seen full stadiums outside of the playoffs and the World Series?

In recent years, strategic tight shots during televised games have tried unsuccessfully to avoid showing mostly empty spectator seats, even before COVID. TV viewership has probably decreased dramatically as well over the decades. I haven’t watched an entire baseball game since the MLB strike in the 1980s.

Frankly, I have come to find the game painful to watch with the marathon wind-ups, spitting and crotch fiddlings before each pitch, and the bloated egos of highly-paid players, some of whom refuse to speak English in America’s pastime.

This whole Georgia nonsense is probably nothing more than MLB’s desperate attempt to gain a new fan base and viewership among the clueless woke. As a Black voter WITH ID, I will take an intentional walk again this year away from what will likely be a cringe-worthy “All-Star Social Justice Fest.”

By Paula Linhares

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