DPS tells Colorado Herald: remove any pics of Tay Anderson with children

Colorado Herald responds with an emphatic “no.”

Mr. Will Jones, the Communications Director for DPS, who has not released any worthwhile statements on Tay Anderson and all of his rapes, contacted this page to have a picture of Tay Anderson with minor children removed. Dr. Kimberly Grayson, the Principal of , is apparently “concerned” about portraying Anderson with her minor students. She was not concerned enough about Anderson’s actual association with minor children to release a statement or condemn the School Board Rapist.

As we told Mr. Will Jones of DPS, perhaps if DPS had any concern for the health, safety, and well-being of children above their token young, black male, we wouldn’t be having this conversation in the first place.

As our page explained to Mr. Jones, at the core of this issue is that DPS, since last year, has failed to respond to any allegations against Tay Anderson and his dozens of rape allegations. Meanwhile, Anderson continues to attend events with minor female children, allowing himself to be photographed in such situations with the minor children in question.

Anderson himself posted this picture of himself with several minor DPS children, but DPS is now concerned about photographs of Anderson with DPS kids? If DPS did it’s job, voted this racist rapist off its Board, and condemned the at least 62 rapes of minor children in its care, then DPS wouldn’t be so concerned with this tiny publication re-posting pictures of its prodigal rapist with the minor children it allows in his company. Simple.

The image in question

Anderson has faced no repercussions..and why would he? With friends like George Soros, Leslie Herrod, one of the most powerful state reps in Colorado, and Hillary Clinton, he’s free to rape as many fourteen year-old undocumented immigrants as he wants. Denver Public Schools should be more concerned with the allegations that Anderson has raped dozens of children than the fact that The Colorado Herald shared pictures of its prodigal rapist with DPS kids.

“Mr. Jones,
Thank you. Unfortunately, the image is public and on Mr. Anderson’s Facebook page. If you’d like to release a statement on the story, we will work with you on clarifying the specifics of the next story. Mr. Anderson himself, the rapist, is using this pic of minor children. When we see this pictures gone off his page and a statement released on our story, we will consider using a different picture. At the core of the issue is DPS’s allowance of a rapist around minor children. When this is addressed, then worry about our page. Thanks and take care.”

Maybe this burst of publicity and pressure will force a statement from DPS. At a minimum, we’d expect a few sentences condemning the ongoing allegations.

Relatedly, our story this morning on Anderson crashed the servers. Sorry about that!

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