Tay Anderson skates free again: campaign finance charges dismissed

When you have George Soros’s money and all of the political corruption in Denver at your disposal, you can do whatever you want without consequence. At least, that’s the case for Denver school board’s Tay Anderson.

He’s attempted to impede official police business, then tried to sue the police. He’s used other people’s month to finance his lavish lifestyle, and he’s begged for gifts for his accidental future child for three months now. Anderson does whatever he wants without consequence. He’s even been accused of sexual assault by multiple BLM activists, some minors.

None of it matters.

Tay walks again; today the Secretary of State moved to dismiss charges against Mr. Anderson because the charges don’t specifically spell out his crimes, which include accepting gifts as an elected official without reporting them. In other words, his progressive buddy Jena Griswold, also an Emerge graduate like Tay’s buddies State Rep Brianna Titone, disgraced former DougCo commissioner candidate Darien Wilson, and failed District Attorney candidate Amy Padden, the most highly Soros-backed Colorado candidate in the state’s history.

Anderson has skated past the sexual assault allegations; since mainstream media doesn’t concern itself with democrats’ improprieties, Anderson hasn’t been held accountable…much like the rest of his life.

That’s why Tay Anderson will continue propagating racism and ill will towards white people and republicans until someone stops his asinine behavior once and for all. Time will tell whether concerned parents, his victims, the state of Colorado, or his colleagues will ever stop coddling Tay for fear of being labeled racists by Denver’s most corrupt elected official in state history.

In the meantime, the Campaign Integrity Watchdog, the group that lodged a complaint against Tay, will have to re-file it’s complaint, which doesn’t list his latest and most egregious gift campaign, the one in which he asks for baby gifts for his accidental child. Make a mess, ask others to clean it up…that’s the Tay Anderson way.