Tay Anderson feeling cancellation as calls for resignation begin

As allegations mount against Tay Anderson, Colorado High School Democrats have called for his resignation. The group released a statement today, “…the COHSD Executive Board is calling on director Anderson to resign from his position on the school board immediately. Sexual assault and harassment are not and will not being tolerated by our organization nor its members.”

Additionally, calls for Anderson’s resignation from the right are also piling up. Kristi Burton Brown, Chair of the Colorado GOP, has also called for Anderson’s resignation.

Newly emerging details about Anderson’s sordid dealings with students paint a terrifying picture of a school board member who preys specifically on undocumented children because they are afraid to speak out against him for fear of being deported.

Anderson has released a statement prepared by his attorney Christopher Decker which once again paints Tay as a victim in the situation. According to Decker, a racist web hacker concocted these allegations to smear poor Tay.

So according to Decker, by his own logic, 62 children are lying about being sexually abused by Tay Anderson. A fourteen year-old child, by Decker and Anderson’s statement, is lying that she was brutally raped and is afraid of Anderson to this day. If “believe all women” and “#metoo” hold any weight, then the children’s allegations should be carefully examined, believed, prosecuted, and justice sought against Tay Anderson.

Additionally, their advocate, Mary Katherine Brooks Fleming, who risked her reputation and her relationships with local activists in the BLM, black and brown communities, to draw attention to a crime against children by a man in a position of power that has gone untouched for far too long, should also be believed. As a survivor of rape and a victim advocate, she should be believed. As a woman who frequently advocated for the community and testified at the Capitol because she wants to, because she feels like she needs to, she should be believed.

Colorado Democrats such as Anderson’s squad of Leslie Herrod, Steven Woodrow, and Jena Griswold, are in a bit of a predicament. Believe all children victims, believe all women…or continue to cover the sexual misdoings of Anderson.

This evening on at 4pm, new Tay Anderson allegations as well as detailed victim stories will be revealed.

~Irma Rovva

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