Colorado lawmakers demand forensic audit of voting machines

A group Colorado lawmakers demanded a forensic audit of voting machines and software Monday.

The letter written to KC Becker, Speaker of the House, demands that as speaker, Becker assemble a Committee on Election Integrity, pursuant to state election law.

The legislators demand that if any fraud is uncovered, then the election results must be immediately decertified, meaning that the state of Colorado would not certify Biden as president.

At the very least, the letter states, the committee should be able to work towards a more fair and transparent election presses in the future.

The letter is signed by State Representatives:

  • Perry Buck
  • Kevin Van Winkle
  • Dave Williams
  • Kim Ransom
  • Steve Humphrey
  • Patrick Neville
  • Shane Sandridge
  • Rep-Elect Ron Hanks

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