CCC: Covid-19 Community Corps-Knocking on Your Door Soon

Expect a knock soon from a Covid-19 Community Corps (CCC) State Official, announcing, “We’re from the government, and we’re here to help you get vaccinated.”

Several days ago in an overreaching speech on vaccinations, VP Kamala Harris pushed citizens to go door-to-door to inquire about household vaccination status and peddle vaccine propaganda to their neighbors. Unfortunately, we can anticipate more unsolicited knocks on our doors to “address vaccine hesitancy.”

In April, the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) announced the formation of the CCC, whose scope is public health education…specifically covid-19 vaccine education. Since then, the CCC has been actively recruiting the (vaccinated) general public to do its dirty work, with the goal of soliciting and distributing the government’s vaccine educational information (propaganda).

The CCC is led by Surgeon General Vivek Murthy, National Institutes of Health Director Francis Collins, Anthony Fauci, COVID-19 Health Equity Task Force Chair Marcella Nunez-Smith and CDC Director Rochelle Walensky.

Americans may view the CCC’s resources and toolkits, which also include a problem child area-statistical “vaccine hesitancy map.” Resources include tailored propaganda for different sectors of the population, such as LGBTQIA+ vaccine marketing tools, vaccine hesitancy tools for black people, and special propaganda for the elderly.

From the HHS April 1st announcement, “Research shows that, when making the decision to get vaccinated, people want to hear from people they trust, such as medical professionals, their own family and friends, and leaders in their community. The Community Corps was created to provide those trusted messengers with consistent and accurate information about COVID-19 to empower as many Americans as possible to become messengers to share the importance of vaccination in their community.”

The CCC has already been active in placing phone calls and sending texts, along with distributing social media propaganda, to eliminate public vaccine hesitancy. However, some states (others will follow) are taking the vaccine gestapo tactics a step further and planning door-to-door canvassing from CCC officials.

In New Jersey, for example, unvaccinated and vaccinated people should expect a CCC state official to knock on their doors this week. The CCC will go to all homes in a given neighborhood and speak with those who haven’t been vaccinated or thank (and/or recruit) those who have already been vaccinated.

As if anticipating backlash from unsolicited vaccine bombardment at one’s doorstep, New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy has already stated, “We’re not stopping!”

Readers should assume more visits (and education) will follow once households have been labeled “antivax,” and visits will escalate from there. After all, not even reports of young people dying at higher rates from the vaccine than from COVID-19 will slow the vaccine train.

Knock, knock…”we are from the government. We are here to help…”

It’s for your safety.