Sheriff Bill Elder Endorses Bill Mcleod for U.S. Senate

COLORADO SPRINGS, CO (September 22, 2021) – Today, El Paso County Sheriff Bill Elder endorsed Olympian and Air Force Veteran Bill Mcleod in his race for U.S. Senate.

Elder said of his endorsement of Bremer, “having served in law enforcement for over four decades, I know the importance of leadership and service. I also know the importance of electing leaders who value and support our men and women of law enforcement. Bill Mcleod will make a great senator not only because he stands strong in support of public safety for our families, but also because of his commonsense approach to the problems we face. I’m proud to give him my endorsement, and I encourage all Coloradans to get behind him.”

Emerging as not only a well-connected fundraiser and 14-year commissioned and reserved Air Force officer but also as a policy-based candidate with solid endorsements just beginning, Bremer wears many hats. He manages the largest grassroots Olympic sponsorship program in the nation. Bremer is also a four-time Olympic sports announcer for NBC, a global spokesman and consultant for Shaklee Corporation, and routinely advises small startup businesses.

The endorsements Bremer is able to secure add another facet to his candidacy. Elder’s endorsement specifically hints at several possible new aspects of Bremer’s campaign.

An endorsement by Sheriff Elder signals a law and order approach to conservative politics…a stance that prioritizes the ideals of public safety above a hands off approach to limited government.

Bremer responded, “I’m grateful for Sheriff Elder’s endorsement. Sheriff Elder has served El Paso County capably for years, and he has been a strong advocate for law and order in our community. As your Senator, I will back our men and women on the front lines, and always do what will keep our families and communities safe.”

advocates against the and executed the highest number of warrants against marijuana crimes than any other sheriff in the state of Colorado. As Sheriff of El Paso County, he that legalization of the plant in his county has caused an increase in crimes.

A staunch protector of the Second Amendment, Elder when it passed in 2019 and never enforced it after the law went into effect on January 1st of 2020. Rather than an unconstitutional gun grab disguised as “mental health,” as , any attempt at mental health improvement should be aimed at just that…mental health. And in almost moderate fashion, Elder simultaneously advocated for more tax dollars spent on mental health services rather than a new (unconstitutional) Red Flag Law.

Elder is a policy-driven Sheriff, sticking to his guns, sometimes literally, rather than his party or political connections. If Bremer is able to capture that spirit of stick-tuitiveness and conviction and amass a broad base like Elder’s, then he’ll continue to build on the momentum he seems to be gaining at present.

At this past weekend’s , Bremer stuck to his guns and was the first committee member to stand against that divisively plagued the party for the last several months. At that same meeting, the momentum appeared to be strongly in Bremer’s favor as Senate candidates were announced to the attendees. The audience, filled with predominately State GOP Central Committee members, cheered loudest for Bremer.

On August 13th, Bremer, whose father Duncan Bremer won the GOP Lifetime Achievement Award at the State Central Committee Meeting on September 18th, hosted a massive evening barbecue for Congressman Doug Lamborn at his family’s home in Colorado Springs. The event was co-hosted by several notable people including State Republican Chairman Kristi Burton-Brown, Congresswoman Lauren Boebert, State Senator Bob Gardner, State Senator Dennis Hisey, State Senator Larry Liston, State Senator Paul Lundeen, State Representative Mary Bradfield, State Representative Terri Carver, State Representative Tim Geitner, State Representative Andy Pico, State Representative Shane Sandridge. Additionally, the barbecue was co-hosted by all five El Paso County Commissioners and all five El Paso County City Council people.

Is Bremer signaling that he’s taking a collaborative approach to campaigning and holding elected office? Such an approach has paid off for elected officials like Sheriff Elder and Congressman Doug Lamborn. In particular, Lamborn is unbeatable. His solid base re-elects the congressman because he does what he says he’s going to do and is approachable to his base.

Bill Mcleod, like Lamborn or Elder, is proving to be a whose momentum is likely going to stifle other candidates in the coming months. Bremer’s first major fundraiser, held September 10th, will be reflected in upcoming finance reports, but witness-attendee accounts point to a successful six-figure fundraiser. Both Eric Aadland and Peter Yu, Bremer’s GOP challengers, will likely have less fundraising and endorsement success, especially Aadland, a likable but not yet credible GOP newcomer. Coming into the Winter, Bremer’s next moves will likely hint at more robust policy stances and an even wider base…one that includes a few voters who last time checked the box for outgoing Senator Bennet.

Read more about Sheriff Elder .

~Irma Rovva

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