Weld Re-4 Schools: official recall process for two board members initiated

An official recall campaign was launched Thursday for Weld Re-4 School Board members Jennifer Lieber and Regan Price. The group , which has sparred with the board over unconstitutional mask mandates and the leakage of critical race theory teachings into Weld County Schools, launched the campaign to recall the two most liberal and anti medical freedom board members.

Jenna Mills, who helps lead the Guardians of Re-4, states that recalling Lieber and Price is necessary because they have overreached in mandating masks and made no effort to communicate with parents or listen to opposition.

Mills says about the recall effort:

“So for those of you who do not know we are trying to recall two school board members. I have the recall sheets for you to sign and am willing to bring them to you or meet up at anytime. I think it is important for our community to understand why we are trying to recall them so I would like to explain it here. I will be talking about Dan Seegmiller the superintendent as well because the board is in heavy support of him.”

“First, last year I had many discussions with Dan Seegmiller about things going on within the school that my daughter attended. The first one began when a teacher started the discussion of BLM and law enforcement. This was around the time of George Floyd’s incident and was a hot topic. We are a law enforcement family and we are pro law enforcement. Whether you are or are not pro law enforcement was not really the point. The point was that the students shouldn’t have to worry about what other students are going to think or say if they speak up on this subject. I will say that this issue did get handled with me speaking with her teacher and resolved.

The next issue follows. Last year, Biden wrote an executive order stating that any male or female is allowed to go into any locker rooom or bathroom and can change wherever they please. I contacted Dan about this, stating that my daughter would not be changing in a locker room that any boy could enter. He stated that he had not been given the go ahead on this order yet from his legal team, so it was not in effect. I told him that when it took effect my daughter would not change clothes in such an environment. He at this time yelled at me and told me not to give him ultimatums. I proceeded to tell him that it was not an ultimatum…it was fact. When I contacted him this year to see if this order was in effect, he stated yes…and it was the same as last year. Therefore, he lied last year and said it was not in effect. He also told me that my biological girl would have to change clothes somewhere else, so a biological boy could change clothes in the girls’ locker room. How does this make sense?”

“Next, from last year the school district gave our kids a survey without our consent, which asked about whether or not we owned guns, which kinds of guns we own, where our guns are located, and whether they feel safe around our guns. This was given without parental consent and was given through CU Boulder. The school was actually paid to ask these questions. I only found out about this survey because my daughter told me about it and felt like it was not appropriate. When I contacted the school, I was asked to meet with the vice principal. She refused to give me the actual survey. She gave me a generic survey without the gun questions. I was able to secure the actual survey from CU Boulder though, and can furnish those for anyone interested. When I talked to the vice principal, I recorded the conversation…and I am so glad I did because Dan called me and screamed at me while calling me a liar.”

“Seegmiller was upset because I had outed the survey on social media. He called me a liar, so I told him the Vice Principal had also said that he and the leadership had chosen those specific questions. I sent him the recording, and the next day he called to apologize for the phone conversation the day prior.”

“The Weld Re-4 School board has failed on so many levels. Board meetings are limit the parents’ time to speak and turn off the microphone after 3 minutes. Lieber, the Board President, uses the Police Department as personal enforcers. Whenever a parent claps for another parent, she threatens to have them thrown from the board metting and/or arrested! Lieber refuses to listen to any parents and will not respond to emails.

A recent email to parents reads,

“A Message to Weld RE-4 Families
We are aware of a possible organized effort by some students and parents to refuse to wear masks in some schools on Monday. While we acknowledge that moving to a mask requirement has not been easy, these are the rules currently in place. It’s time to get back to learning. Further disruptions to the educational process can’t be tolerated. Therefore, if a student refuses to wear a mask once they are in a school building,the following will be enforced:”

“Students will be asked to put on their mask and if they do, they will be allowed to stay in school.”

“If the student refuses to wear a mask, the student will be sent to the office and suspended for the day-per district practice, students who are suspended are not allowed to participate in athletics or activities the day they are suspended.”

“If a student refuses to go to the office, they will be suspended for the day AND documented as “habitually disruptive” under district policy JKG-R.”

“If a student engages in behavior that causes a material and substantial disruption three or more times in a school year, the student can be recommended for expulsion as an habitually disruptive student per board policy JKD/JKE-E.”

“Our goal is to have students learning in-person, which is particularly important at our middle and high schools where students were not in-person every day last year. We want to do everything we can to avoid moving to remote learning. Please help us ensure that’s not necessary by reinforcing the need to follow the mask requirement with your children.

“We encourage families for whom wearing a mask is unacceptable, to seek out alternative school options through the Colorado Department of Education here so that their child’s education is not further disrupted.
It’s time to get back to learning.”

According tho the recall effort, parents are not consulted about their children’s mask wearing…

“At the last school board meeting when they took away parent choice to mask their children or not they did not allow any parents to speak. On top of this Dan had taken screenshots from community members on social media and had the gull to read them while on stage at the board meeting. This was done with the intent to shame those community members. I do not know about you but not only do I find this wrong and in poor taste I find it completely against everything a superintendent should do at a board meeting. He has no right to shame a community member for speaking out against him and the board. It is a persons right to freedom of speech. Yes, he also has that right but to use your position and then not allow those people to even say anything is not okay. This is the USA and we should not be in fear of using our 1st amendment rights!! This is vile and disgusting…”

“This can not continue! We have to change this! So I am begging you to please please help make a difference sign the recall petition. Write letters and emails to Dan and the board. They won’t answer or read them but still do it anyway!! Get active and let others know to sign the petition. We have to do this for our kids. We have to do this to save our children. The other side will say this is all about masking our kids and that is not true this is so much more. This is about freedom!! This is about being an American and having our freedoms. This is what my husband, his brother, his dad and so many more served and fought for!! If we give in on masks then the next thing is mandatory vaccines for kids. Then what’s next? What is the next freedom we lose? This is about right and wrong. This is about our choice as a parent. This is about our kids future!”

The recall will require 3200 signatures for each board member in order to force a special election. Mills and the Guardians are insistent that they will obtain the necessary signatures in order to force Lieber and Price into the recall process. Follow the group Guardians of Re-4 to follow the recall process.

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Mark Tokarski

I’ve seen this sort of thing go on before – the school board tyranny and indifference to parents and to the health of students (masks are bad for them and serve no useful purpose anyway). My conclusion, however, was not that these are bad people on school boards, just weak people. They are moral cowards. There is power behind them, power not given to them but which would be used on them if they refused to implement these insane regulations. That power lay elsewhere. These board members are afraid and will not budge on policy.

As Mark Twain commented one time, “It is curious–curious that physical courage should be so common in the world, and moral courage so rare.”

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