Lauren Boebert will object to Electoral College certification

Boebert announced in a today that she will object to the Electoral College certification of Joe Biden as President.

Boebert’s partial statement

Boebert’s statement comes on the heels of announcements from Madison Cawthorn and about a dozen others in Congress who won’t certify the results and elect Joe Biden as President.

The resulting chaos on January 6th, especially combined with planned rallies and riots, will lend to an interesting process for the White House and potentially rounds of violence from the right and left-wing protestors. It’s not a day to bring kids for the political drama.

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Jose Curveball

Seeing all the liberal mouth-breathers’ vile & visceral reactions to her victory and subsequent disclosures on this topic makes me glad that the Western Slope elected her.
All of the “party of compassion'”‘s catcalls in the comments of The Denver Post make me wonder when Denver turned into San Franfreakshow of the Rockies.
Thank goodness The Colorado Herald exists to offset the sewage sludge that emanates from The Post, which is as slanted left as the LA Times.
I hope that Lauren joins with other like-minded conservative women to offset the communist bloc of “The Squad” and other American-hating swamp dwellers…

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