Colorado Governor’s race 2022: Nelson Dillon

The list of candidates vying for the job of Colorado’s Governor increases by the quarter. Rumors abound that several more candidates may declare their candidacy before the end of 2021.

In the Colorado Herald’s first gubernatorial candidate interview, Nelson Dillon of Monument was asked why she wants to replace Polis and what she plans to do if she wins the Governor job.

What has been your greatest accomplishment as monument trustee?

“My first response to this question is that the Board of Trustees acts as a team to accomplish the goals and interests of the people in Monument. So let me answer this question in this manner; in my time on the board, much has been accomplished for the good governance of the people, by the people, and for the people. I am currently serving as a Monument Trustee, elected to office in April of 2018, for a four year term. I entered into this public office during egregiously turbulent times in Monument’s governmental history. I have worked with all of the trustees and the staff in the process of restoring orderly governance, acquiring professional seasoned management, ensuring long term appropriate financial budgetary checks and balances, encouraging master plan compliant growth and building development, working for renewable water sources and delivery solutions, have achieved getting local control back from the state thru ballot initiative and cementing the outcome of the issue with high affirmative voter turn out, effectively passing Resolutions to restore every citizen’s constitutional rights and freedoms in order to open Monument for daily commerce during this highly volatile medical chaos period in this nation’s history in order to protect both small and large businesses, defend the right to religious freedom for all and make sure the government remained able to serve the people; protected residents from unconstitutional red flag laws to defend our constitutional right to halt government over reach from from such things as illegal search and seizure – and resisted the unconstitutional educational mandates to sexualize children in the public school system.”

“I believe I have been influential in moving Monument forward on the path to a citizen created Home Rule Charter for best self governance. I am supportive of the Monument Police Department in encouraging both man power and funding efforts because I believe that peace is achieved thru strength. I have supported the town staff with my position of fair pay increases and showing appreciation for their hard work and dedication. I have promoted steady master plan compliant commercial development with resulting local job opportunities for residents so families can stay together and put down solid roots in Monument long term.”

“This was my first time in running for office and this position has required much from me in learning how to take my education and managerial skills to make them applicable in a supportive environment of others on a team where the majority rules, working in the background.”

“Some of the decisions made by the board majority in the last year have not been as favorable to the people or the overall financial health of the town. I will give you two examples: I have objected to aquifer water resources due to the high levels of radium that form as a natural by-product deep within the geological formations of the earth and cannot be fully eliminated from the drinking and bathing water. Radium is a known cancer causing agent in the body. I have been diligent in my attempts to gain access to renewable surface water and a delivery conduit, as an alternative water resource in order to protect the health and safety of the residents. Working towards that goal has been an arduous effort with many obstacles to overcome.”

“It takes a winning team of knowledgable professionals to make this transition. I have no doubt it will be achieved, as everyone on the board also appreciates the results in bringing about our obligation to ensure the health and safety of the public.”

“My second example is the financial decision by the majority rule of the board to encumber the town with $20 million in debt for the back log of 20 years of undone public work projects. As a private business owner of over 3 decades in Colorado, I have run my operations debt free and personally live debt free. The debt is a huge burden on the 9,970 people who live in this town. I objected to the amount of the debt, the duration of the 25 year pay back of that debt, and the unknown distribution of those funds without my inclusion in the communications distribution.”

“Through all of the up’s and downs and turmoil of these three years that I have voluntarily served, I have valued the experiences and the deeper interaction with the people. It has been an honor and a privilage to serve the wonderful people here. You will not find better people anywhere in Colorado, than those right here in Monument. I love the patriotic heart and intelligence of each and every person. I’m proud to call Monument my home and humbled to have such great neighbors.”

What do you wish you could accomplish before leaving office?

“I would dearly love to know that the people will have access to clean, renewable surface water for drinking and bathing, see several reservoirs go in next to residential development for increased beauty, value and storage of water, vote for Monument to become a Home Rule charter form of governance for best Constitutional protections at the local level, have access to more broadband choices for better connectivity at a lesser cost to families, see long term mid and high range jobs offered here thru quality businesses providing employment opportunities, and provide education reform assistance to prevent future medical and curriculum chaos from happening in our elementary and high schools – and that we would have bragging rights to achieving the most well trained, experienced, equipped and competent Police force in all of Colorado.”

What do you feel is Polis’s greatest failure?

“In my humble opinion, Mr. Polis has done egregious, repetitive and unlawful damage to our entire state by taking a sledge hammer to our Constitutional rights and freedoms.”

What ultimately drove you to run for Governor?

“My strong determination, and the desire of many to return Colorado to its Constitutional roots.

If you didn’t live in monument, where else in Colorado is most attractive to you and why?

“The Western slope – it is so breathtakingly majestic in its beauty and splendor. The wild life, rolling green valleys, and the incredible rivers winding thru the mountains and valleys. The people there can make you feel right at home. It is a serious toss up between several towns – I will let you know which one I decide on!”

How will you respond to mask mandates?

“I would terminate all mask mandates and vaccine mandates, stop the government overreach into our medical choices, businesses, churches, and family lives by returning this state back to the tried and true emergency medical protocols that we had in place and used successfully for decades. I would stop the flow of continual unconstitutional criminal assaults on our inalienable rights and freedoms – especially in this matter of medical choice. I would rescind any agreements on a state level made with the United Nations and the World Health Organization.”

How do you feel about critical race theory?

“I would eliminate any and all curriculum that had any trace of CRT in it through comprehensive education reform measures.”

What are your thoughts El Paso County commissioners putting a ballot question out to raise taxes via TABOR?

“I don’t think that raising of the TABOR base is necessary. Our tax revenues are increasing exponentially. It is not difficult to live within the confines of the current tax revenues. Decreasing spending and streamlining governmental processes to eliminate redundency is the better option. Tabor was created to protect the taxpayers rights to vote on any necessary tax increases – but every year government erodes those rights by asking for more and more tax dollars instead of managing the current tax revenues in a more appropriate manner. I believe smaller and efficient government that is focused on conforming to our Constitution is the intent of the Founding Fathers.”

If you were elected tomorrow, and the legislature collectively took a 3 day nap, allowing you to improve Colorado as you see fit via any new laws or striking down of any laws at all, what would those be?

Nelson Dillon’s comprehensive list of actions as Governor are:

  • Re-initiate Colorado Sovereignty
  • Implement all Colorado First – Colorado Strong Policies 
  • Establish a return to Constitutional governance
  • Restore Election Integrity for free and fair Elections
  • Terminate Emergency Disaster Declaration Orders
  • Open Colorado – ALL business, places of worship, schools, hospitals, and governmental meetings will be deemed essential
  • Terminate unelected Public Health and Safety enforcement authority
  • Ban refugee Sanctuary City and State Status
  • Stop Child Sex Trafficking and Pedophilia with harsher laws and a Governor Co-op Coalition 
  • Restore Sanctity of Life 
  • Reform the Dept. of Social Services and Foster Care Systems
  • Tax Cuts Across the Board for all
  • De-Regulate for all Businesses
  • Remove laws, procedures, processes, resolutions, declarations, ordinances and guidelines that conflict with the Constitution
  • Declaration of State Wide Constitutional Authority
  • Return Local Control to all Counties to determine their individual futures with a focus on security and prosperity
  • Forestry Reform
  • Reform State wide Renewable Water Resource Allocations
  • Comprehensive Education Reform
  • Create a Colorado Military Housing and Medical Care Supplemental Assistance fund
  • Health Care Choice returned to the public market place
  • Comprehensive Insurance Reform
  • Senior Citizen Protections
  • Parental School Choice
  • Restoration of Parental Rights in all matters
  • Public Health and Safety Procedure Reform
  • Full Funding of Law Enforcement, Colorado State Patrol and Bureau of Investigations
  • Transportation Infrastructure Reform 
  • Bring back Oil, Gas and Clean Coal 
  • Incentives to Employers considering citizens First for jobs
  • Support, re-enforce and Defend our Constitution and Bill of Rights
  • Support Domestic Made Products
  • Affordable Housing Reform
  • Implement Grants Established for Transitional Housing, Mental health Services, Substance Abuse Treatment, and Skill Training/Re-education for the Homeless
  • Reform Budgetary Process, management and Allocations
  • Restore Legislative authority controls and legislative processes
  • Re-Establish Executive Branch control
  • Assist other states in Closing the Border

Clark’s assertion that water in parts of Monument is not drinkable isn’t a new problem, and it’s one that will be a Monument and Colorado focus for eternity. Clark’s passion for limited government is palpable. Whether or not she can stave off Heidi Ganahl, who declared Tuesday, remains to be seen. For now, Clark will continue culling her base and gathering the votes.

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