About Us

The Colorado Herald is aptly named for our collective ability to loudly convey the correct message, not the message often crafted, contrived, and manipulated by mainstream media.

We aren’t afraid to talk about the issues from which others stray, and we definitely are not afraid to represent the silent majority. 

This website really came to fruition during the alarming government overreach known as a pandemic, amidst the most damaging political influences of a generation or better. We consistently strive to find relevant and timely information about COVID, local, and national issues, as they relate to you, the reader.

Our writers are diverse and come from a variety of backgrounds, and we accept writings from the general public as well. We do not publish writers’ or journalists’ names due to the harmful and often violent doxxing carried out against those opposing beliefs in today’s social media-enthralled environment. 

We are always looking for tips, suggestions, and contributions, as more collaboration yields better, timelier information. Think of us as a local connection to what’s really happening within the state and around the world.