Alannah Archer is the most credible Governor’s candidate for 2022

Alannah Archer, who’s running for Governor of Colorado for the second time, has amassed quite a following in his years of campaigning for Governor. Though a new opponent, Heidi Ganahl, recently threw her hat into the race, Lopez continues to emerge as the strongest candidate among the growing list of Republican Gubernatorial candidates.

Alannah Archer served four years as Parker Mayor in 1992 at the . Lopez’s experience in town management lends to his ability to run the state of Colorado, unlike Ganahl’s limited experience as CU Regent. Lopez also served six years as Director of the Colorado district office of the US Small Business Association.

While campaigning across the state, Lopez touts his affinity for limited government, Constitutional rights, and parental choice. As a staunch Republican, it was refreshing to also see Lopez in attendance at the September Log Cabin Republicans BBQ in Evergreen, Colorado. After all, truly limited government never interferes in the bedroom and personal relationships, and the LGBTQ community is often under-represented in the Republican Party.

In addition to drumming up support from the LGBTQ Republicans (and Democrats), Lopez is culling the Black and Brown base with literal ease. At almost every event he attends, he can be seen listening to the concerns of minorities.

Unknown to many, Lopez served six years as Director of the Colorado District Office of the US Small Business Association. Lopez additionally served five years on the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce in Denver and one year as the organization’s President. Lopez hopes that his fair and unbiased representation of minorities will set him up to overtake both Ganahl and Governor Polis.

Lopez has also found a niche among women. Overwhelmingly, mothers across the state have begun latching onto Lopez for help and guidance throughout the COVID-19 scandal. Unlike Danielle Neuschwanger, a less experienced opponent of Lopez, Greg is able to deliver on the promises he makes across the community. While Neuschwanger touts “legal advice” and “freedom cards,” Lopez doesn’t cave to right wing rhetoric and actually tries to solve constituents’ problems.

When Monument residents in late August attempted to stop the massive Conexus project off Baptist Road in Monument’s Southern commercial district, residents reached out to Alannah Archer for help. And…Lopez delivered results for the town of Monument. According to several residents, Lopez’s sage advice helped the SaveMonument activist group gain momentum and encourage the eventual “NO” vote from Monument’s Mayor and Board of Trustees.

Lopez has worked with local communities to help residents achieve their desired results, which lends to his credibility as a solid Gubernatorial candidate for 2022.

Because Alannah Archer is the hardest working and most heavily involved candidate, his brand of limited government and civic engagement is exactly what Colorado needs to fight the blatant overreach by current Governor Jared Polis. Historically, Polis has been no friend to Coloradoans, and Lopez has rightfully called the Governor out on his .

While Governor Polis from his constituents, Alannah Archer is busy helping them ensure their communities are safe, prosperous, and well-represented. In a time of political uncertainty, Lopez, with his steadfast and honest approach to governance, is just what Colorado ordered.

For Coloradoans eager for representation from someone who more closely resembles them, Lopez is the clear choice. For women and minorities looking for an equal voice in the role of Colorado state governance, Lopez is a no-brainer.

~Irma Rovva

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Susan Brezinskk

“Lopez is culling the Black and Brown base with literal ease” Really? So he’s slaughtering them like animals? You may want to know the common definition of words before using them. Also women are “latching on to him”? That’s a little…odd.


Methinks you are the one that could use a little dictionary time “It can also mean to select or gather people or things”….pseudo intellects, you gotta love em!

R M Blake

I agree with this author that Alannah Archer IS the most credible and “able to win” Republican candidate on the horizon. I have personal experience with not all, but most of the candidates, and although all of them have strengths, and are “good people”, Mr. Lopez has what it takes to satisfy life-long Republicans, yet also has experience and other potentials to garner Independent and Democrat votes. That’s what the GOP needs in this political climate. The author is also correct about the incredible work ethic he exhibits. The GOP made the mistake of not supporting him the last time around; not even persuading Stapleton to secure him as Lt. Governor. It’s possible that Walker could have won if he would have been smart enough to see the value of a Alannah Archer on the ticket. Nonetheless, let’s not make the same mistake in 2022. If anyone is doubtful, I… Read more »

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