January 6th riots?

Trump and wife Melania posed for Christmas photos recently. In an awkwardly conceived photo that seems out of place, the Presidential couple wear men’s suits and pose underneath a picture of President Harry Truman, who after the media erroneously declared Dewey President Elect. It’s unlikely Trump isn’t aware of the Dewey portrait or the 1948 Presidential election.

A massive political undertaking has gained momentum in recent weeks, and its going to ignite a firestorm of chaos with a very uncertain presidency and overall future of the country.

Social media accounts

Trump is likely to invoke the Electoral College act. Currently, several officials will assist in this process by refusing to certify the electoral college results. Congresswoman Elect Boebert, Congressman elect Madison Cawthorn and a handful of others have stated they won’t confirm, and rumors fly out of Washington, DC that most of the 126 legislators who signed onto the Texas Lawsuit will also refuse to certify the electoral college results.

If and when that happens on January 6th, the bumpy process begins, possibly leading to arrests for a quorum, no President for several weeks or more, and total political chaos.

With that political chaos comes riots. Trump himself has called his followers to Washington, DC on January 6th, and the left isn’t going to stand by while thousands (possibly millions) of conservatives take over the Capitol.

Planned march

When President Trump told Proud Boys and other right wing groups to “stand back and stand by” during the first Presidential Debate, what did he actually mean? Some are now speculating that the president has called upon his supporters, right wing groups especially, on January 6th to “hold the line” while the Presidency remains in limbo and chaos erupts.

Trump’s protest tweet

Antifa and BLM would also be on scene with a constant axe to grind, and the firestorm of emotions and violence could prove disastrous. On January 6th, there could be thousands of weapons, possibly explosives, fires, police who are totally powerless in not only DC but cities across the county. For many of the people in the fray, political die hards, this day is do or die. Unfortunately, this day could turn into weeks or more as the Presidency is contested.

Today’s Nashville explosion looks to have targeted with cell service down and flights grounded in Nashville. While the incident could be unrelated, it could also be a coordinated plan of attack. People living in downtown cities should be more worried this January about impending terrorism and violence than COVID-19. More on AT&T tonight…


Stay away from Washington, DC from now until this unfolds. Stay away from all major cities as much as possible. Do not fly on January 6th, and do not be anywhere you cannot stay comfortably for a while on that day. Avoiding major cities is the key.

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