Israel: Pfizer’s Medical Playground

When the COViD-19 scandal began, Israel’s government was in a questionable state. Israel was in the throws of the 2019–2021 Israeli political crisis with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu at the helm. As the longest running PM in Israel’s history, Netanyahu was already a controversial politician with pending criminal charges including bribery, breach of trust and fraud. His response to the pandemic and push to reopen the economy further marred his already questionable reputation. As the public became increasingly sceptical of his Covid-19 response and questioned the efficacy of measures put in place, Netanyahu sought to put an end to criticisms.

He retaliated by .  The public no longer had the ability to know the discussions directing the decisions being made concerning their health.

When protesters arrived at his residence on July 26th, 2020 to demand his resignation, Netanyahu ordered protesters be arrested for violating Covid-19 lockdown restrictions.  

Recognizing his limited options in response to public outcry, Netanyahu needed an even larger political move.  He wanted to ensure Israel was a top global contender for the Covid-19 vaccines.  He wanted to save his career, gain recognition and calm criticism – he needed a solution.  By November 2020, Netanyahu was in negotiations with Pfizer in hopes of competing for the first available vaccines against a growing global demand.  

By January 6, 2021, Netanyahu had reached an for vaccines and released a press statement.  He touted the agreement as a solution to the pandemic but hid the true cost of the vaccine – giving the pharmaceutical company final say concerning what data would be released to the public concerning the vaccine efficacy/results of testing.  Public outcry opposing the disclosure of – harvested/manipulated by Pfizer was quickly silenced. Under the Ministry of Health is only permitted to release Pfizer approved data (data harvested from Israeli citizens) in return for priority/expedited vaccines.  When the final agreement was released, albeit heavily redacted, it was evident that nothing was transparent.  was signed January 6, 2021 stating they had previously entered a manufacturing agreement – however, the agreement date has been redacted, as well as pertinent information that should be disclosed to the public. 

Netanyahu was removed from office on June 13, 2021. His removal meant loss of power to amend basic laws that would provide him immunity to corruption charges. In addition to current charges, the citizens of Israel should bring additional charges against Netanyahu for crimes against humanity. The damage of censorship and health data harvesting will continue beyond the pandemic, as Israel is truly Pfizer’s Medical Playground. Fauci remained silent on the shift of administration in “the global model” of vaccine rollouts. Pfizer and the Ministry of Health have the ability to redact, falsify or fabricate data surrounding the vaccine.

If we thought waiting until 2023 for clinical trial data was absurd, try waiting until 2051 for basic information that is discussed by the government, accurate adverse effect reporting, and agreements disclosed, but redacted, concerning your health.

Main photo credit: Wall Street Journal

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