1984: Dystopian Totalitarian America

A recent CNN interview with NIH director Francis S. Collins merely reiterates that George Orwell’s 1984, a dystopian work of fiction, is now dangerously parallelling the present day United States. With Dr. Fauci, his boss, Francis Collins, and CDC Director Rochelle Walensky at the helm, the fruition of 1984 is downright terrifying.


Orwell’s novel revolves around the hierarchy of 3 distinct social classes in Oceania.

The Inner Party: Comprising 2% of the population, the Inner Party carries the majority of privacy, privilege, wealth and freedoms.  They have absolute power over surveillance, economic distribution, goods/services and creation of laws to rule the Outer Party and Proles. They manipulate and dictate Oceania’s propaganda, to ensure they remain in power.  The Inner Party is able to obtain commodities at all times, while creating artificial shortages for the Outer and Proles.  

The Outer Party: Citizens in the Outer Party are roughly 13% of the population. They hold positions of trust that require expertise or education, but are under heavy surveillance at all times (Big Brother). They must rigidly implement the Inner Party’s laws and agendas with zero objection and/or critical thinking. To do so would risk confrontation with “The Thought Police” or perhaps fact checkers.  Although living in better accommodations than Proles, their lifestyle, commodities, and limited freedoms can be revoked for any perceived noncompliance or commitment to the Inner Party. Penalties carry harsh consequences and restrictions.   

The Proles: Proles (proletariats) comprise 85% of the population in Oceania.  They aren’t monitored as closely as the Outer Party, but are purposefully kept ignorant and poor as to not truly understand their own oppression. They are considered barbaric with the same value as animals, and are rarely penalized for crimes.   

While Orwell’s 1984 mirrors several disturbing facets of American society, the threat of medical segregation over the Covid-19 vaccine is quickly pushing us more towards the dystopian society Orwell describes in his work.   Freedoms are threatened, and will continue to escalate, as they are now contingent upon receiving the vaccine.

In this , Collins advocates for unethical coercion to eliminate vaccine hesitancy. The appalling encroachment on rights and freedoms, such as employment, commerce participation, and travel restrictions, are no longer a conspiracy. During the interview, Tapper asks several leading questions concerning restriction of goods/services, employment and ability to travel, to which Collins obliges.

Tapper asks if it would be “a good thing” for more businesses to require vaccine credentials, ensuring they only conduct business with vaccinated individuals. Collins replies, “I think anything we can do to encourage reluctant folks to get vaccinated because they will want to be part of these public events. That’s a good thing.” Collins, apparently, believes the ability to purchase goods or services is now considered “a public event” or privilege.

He continues, “I’m delighted to see employers like Disney and Walmart coming out and asking their staff now to be vaccinated. I’m glad to see the president has said all federal employees, I oversee NIH with 45,000 people, need to also get vaccinated, or, if they’re not, to get regular testing, which is inconvenient.”  

Collins not only hopes the vaccine hesitant will be shunned by businesses and left unable to participate in society, he supports unethical coercion by threatening one’s livelihood (and possibly their life) via “inconveniences.”  The inconveniences (and known dangers) of repeated PCR tests include risking , , and/or possible exposure to , which averages a survival rate of 50%. 

As a member of the Outer Party or Prole, your inconvenience choices are as follows: 

risk by vaccine or risk of cancer, infection or possible death by repeated PCR tests. 

Things only decline further as Tapper continues, “should airlines require that all fliers who are eligible to be vaccinated be vaccinated before boarding their planes?”

To which Collins replies, “I think that’s up to the airlines. I do think a case could be made for that. And that would be another incentive for some of those who are reluctant. And people wouldn’t be surprised I think to see that start to happen so if you’re thinking about international travel and you’re not yet vaccinated it might be time to go ahead and get started.”

The United States (Oceania) is heading in a dangerous direction, creating societal segregation with access to goods, services, and travel hinging upon vaccination status. Vaccinated or not, you should be extremely concerned about the cancel culture hivemind. Cancel culture is the real pandemic, and does not only apply to the unvaccinated – soon it will apply to everyone (Inner Party excluded).

While Collins’ interview was straightforward about commerce, employment, and travel restrictions, he has yet to take a firm stance on masks without backtracking.  Apparently, Collins is not only Fauci’s boss, he is also his mask mandate mentor:    

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