Disney producer Jack Morrissey: MAGA kids to the wood chipper

“MAGA kids go screaming, hats first, into the wood chipper.”

Morrissey sent the disturbing tweet out to his followers two years ago, and it’s making the rounds again, promoting new calls for Morrissey’s termination. Disney has not released any statements.

Twitter users have tagged Disney, Trump, and President Biden amongst dozens of other individuals in order to urge that Morrissey be terminated from Disney.

Morrissey’s IMDB page lists hundreds of movies he has produced, with Beauty & the Beast and several others for Disney. A petition was started on calling for Morrissey’s termination. The petition, started by Richard Bimhammer, states that children should not be subject to such awful treatment by anyone, let alone a Disney producer. It received less than 1000 signatures, and Morrissey kept his job.

Morrissey has since locked his Twitter and made all tweets private following Twitter’s reaction to his violent tweet. He did speak to calling it an honest mistake.

Of all of the egregious anti-Trump, Trump cleansing calls, Morrissey’s stands out as one of the most disturbing. While violence should never enter politics, violence towards children is reprehensible.

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Debi Jones Griffin

As a huge fan and DVC owner times 3 at Disney I am angry that this man has his job still. If he had done this to a black person or any one of color , or a democrat/Liberal, he would have been history already. Once again, whether it was yesterday or 2 years ago, hypocrites get off and “Good” people of the US including our Republican Party get mocked and have to pay. He’s only sorry because it got out to the public. I say and plead to Disney, he should have been gone long ago for such a gross and distasteful comment and picture.

Victor N Devora Forsman

Disney is irrelevant as far as I am concerned! Mind control for our children! Ditch Disney!


Please don’t call a leftist a liberal. The word liberal means open minded, they are not open-minded at all.

Cheryl McNary Schultz

Fair point.


Liberal? Open minded? No, that’s not what Liberal means. It has never meant open minded.


Do you own a dictionary?

Sr. Joe Cool

The “dictionary definition” of “liberal” does not define “liberal political thought”.


To Blictor5’s point….

Tone King

That’s literally what liberal means.
“willing to respect or accept behavior or opinions different from one’s own; open to new ideas.”


That is why the American Communist party adopted the term. When communism became uncool, they adopted the word “socialist” to describe themselves, and in no particular order, “progressive”, “democrat” and “liberal”.
Their goals haven’t changed, just the PR.


Funny that they’re the exact opposite.


Oh yeah, it was an honest mistake. Get the f*&k outta here!

Rosemary Smith

That sob needs to be put head first in the woodchipper!


We should remind Disney it is the MAGA demographic keeping Disney afloat all these years and they have been doing so for generations. Left wing, socialist Democrats are too absorbed in their agenda to destroy Democracy to take the time to enjoy life in a Democratic government!

George's Angry Boy

What a freak

Cheryl McNary Schultz

I’ll bet if they recirculated that petition on change.org now it would get a lot more than a thousand signatures. I think a year ago everybody thought we were conspiracy theorist whereas now I think they’re starting to understand the gravity of cancel culture.

Johnathan Wright

A newspaper should do some research, or at least a Google Search. Because if you did you’d see that Jack Morrissey in no way “got away” with this outrage. Every story on his Google page 1 is about this story. Check IMDB — he hasn’t worked in 2 years (BTW he did not produce “hundreds of movies”, it was 7). This powerhouse producer’s massive Twitter following? 307. The quote on his Twitter page? “Trying to do better, within the given time.”
This is a broken man who had it all and blew it with an unthinking tweet. That’s the consequences of his actions.
Report that.

Craig Dowd

WRONG. It ain’t about shedding crocodile tears for poor, poor Jack out on his yacht, it’s about Disney’s leftist hypocrisy. If you’d done a little more Google research today, you’d see that Disney fired Gina Carano, after she made TRUE statements about the very dangerous consequences of ‘hate’ as is being practiced by Democrats, Media, Big Tech, etc… TODAY. Disney did not fire Jack. Disney did fire the leftist James Gunn for his extremely sick tweets, but it was only a slap on the wrist, as they have hired him back. I’m sure that Jack and Jim are fine fellows, but Gina deserves better treatment from their employer, Disney.

I’ll shed a tear for Jack when you post a note treating Gina as fairly as you’ve treated Jack.


Nobody is shedding tears for Jack. What he said was vile. And considering he hasn’t worked in 2 years, I’d say he got the same thing Gina did. They haven’t hired him back. Do some effing research.


Please just shut the f*ck up, why are 90% 90% of trump supporters literally the same person, it’s always bidens leftist liberal hypocrisy or some bullshit, specifically you Jamie Allen, you don’t even know what liberal means. With the way this society is going I wouldn’t be surprised if the 1st amendment got repealed because someone always has to have a 12 inch steel rod up their ass for something.


who gives a shit

John Williams

He wants to kill my children?

John Williams

Lets meet Jack!


Jack Morrissey has produced a total of 7 films. One was for Disney in 2017. The last was for New Line in 2019. He isn’t employed by Disney. I’m not sure who wrote this, but even a quick glance at IMDb disproves most of this article. The tweet is disgusting, but this article is rife with incorrect information,


Incorrect information when trying to bring a public figure down? Gee, never heard of that before. But 57 out of 100 Senators apparently think doing just that is an okay thing to do.


Disney does eat child stars for dinner. They have for a while.


What a sick f*k


Disney = The Devil Mouse


Chris Harrison from The Bachelor (another Disney business) asks for grace for a woman who apologized for attending a “plantation party” in 2018 and he gets fired. This guy wants to kill kids but he’s still gainfully employed.

Jake Sarms

That’s a super violent thing to say. It’s horror and nightmarish. The real problem is people still watch Disney.

Jake Sarms

That’s a super violent thing to say. It’s horror and nightmarish. The real problem is people still watch Disney.

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