Disney producer Jack Morrissey: MAGA kids to the wood chipper

“MAGA kids go screaming, hats first, into the wood chipper.”

Morrissey sent the disturbing tweet out to his followers two years ago, and it’s making the rounds again, promoting new calls for Morrissey’s termination. Disney has not released any statements.

Twitter users have tagged Disney, Trump, and President Biden amongst dozens of other individuals in order to urge that Morrissey be terminated from Disney.

Morrissey’s IMDB page lists hundreds of movies he has produced, with Beauty & the Beast and several others for Disney. A petition was started on Change.org calling for Morrissey’s termination. The petition, started by Richard Bimhammer, states that children should not be subject to such awful treatment by anyone, let alone a Disney producer. It received less than 1000 signatures, and Morrissey kept his job.

Morrissey has since locked his Twitter and made all tweets private following Twitter’s reaction to his violent tweet. He did speak to Wrap, calling it an honest mistake.

Of all of the egregious anti-Trump, Trump cleansing calls, Morrissey’s stands out as one of the most disturbing. While violence should never enter politics, violence towards children is reprehensible.