DATE: Saturday Sept. 18, 2021
TIME: 2 – 6 PM
Rally at 2 PM, March around the Capital at 2:15 PM
LOCATION: Capitol Building West Lawn in Denver, Colorado
200 E Colfax Ave, Denver, CO 80203-1776


We gather, everywhere in the world.
Humans, of all colors, cultures, nationalities.
Humans with diverging ideas, politics and opinions, but united in the knowledge that WE ARE FREE.
We are free to breathe, to love, to live, to hug, to march and speak up, to choose how to live our lives and manage our health, to work, to move, to travel, to dance, to gather, to express ourselves. Because WE THE PEOPLE are good, peaceful and respectful.
No government, No agency, No corporation, No technocrat, No billionaire, No politician is authorized to remove, restrict, obstruct our RIGHTS; nor are they authorized to decide for us what we do with our body, and how we exercise our RIGHTS as individuals.
WE contribute to society and WE ARE the force that ignites life itself.
WE are children of Earth, WE are stewards of Mother Nature.
WE speak today and every day, in favor of FREEDOM.
FREEDOM of Choice.

WE STAND FOR Freedom of Speech and against censorship, segregation, and medical tyranny.
WE STAND FOR Medical Freedom which means we DO NOT CONSENT our body or health to be collected as data, we do not consent to mandatory masks, lockdowns, testing, vaccines, and vaccine passports that infringe on our constitutional liberties and natural rights.
WE STAND peacefully in unison with the world to RECLAIM our RIGHTS.
WE STAND to demonstrate that there are always options.
WE STAND to recognize the immense wisdom of Mother Nature.
WE STAND to empower each of us with Sovereignty.

The actions and management of events in 2020, and of years past, have been a constant violation of our freedoms, liberty, human and civil rights.
WE DEMAND accountability from all the world leaders and the corporate leaders who have unequivocally damaged communities, families, and future generations.
WE DEMAND they become liable for the damages they have caused and continue to cause through these continued policies.

We welcome every person who wants to Stand UP with us for their freedoms.
We are nonpartisan, nonviolent, and act from the principle of nonaggression. We reject all acts of violence, identity politics, and discrimination of any kind within our movement.
We stand together for humanitarian values, and as a beacon of true International Solidarity.

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wendy o lofgren

I will be there!! Thank you so much for bringing attention to this event.


Right wing terrorist


Why is she a right wing terrorist


The trump crazies were out in small amounts sat with their foul mouthed flags and Florida license plates. Are they being funded by some other group? Thankful they were not getting any support.


Bunch of Trumper nut jobs… Insurrection Part II.

Fuck you

Stay the fuck home idiots!

Screw Mindless Trumpers

Morons. I suggest you idiots be careful. After what happened Jan 6, the police will NOT hesitate to use force this time.

Linda Melon

I’ll be there, in full support! #unmaskourkidsColorado


Seems pretty sus that the rally’s only sponsor is a child sex offender.

Sandra bodard

I’ll be there from Cape Town.


They call us terrorist yet they are filled with so much anger and hate, disgusting little bunch they are. FREEDOM!!!!

None of your business

F&ck yeah! I don’t want to have to stop and stoplights anymore,I don’t want to wear clothes of any kind at any time, and I want to use your house for my next party. It’s about time someone took a stand against law and order cuz I’m sick of it!

Fuck YouDumbasses


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