Tay Anderson has raped or assaulted at least 62 minors, 61 immigrants and at least one 14 year-old

A fourteen year-old DPS student claims that Tay Anderson, a member of her Denver school district’s board, violently raped her. According to that victim, he has since threatened to tell the media she is insane and mentally ill if she speaks against him.

In compelling testimony on Wednesday for SB21-088, Mary Katherine Fleming spoke about .

The makes it easier to investigate, charge, and sue people and organizations that are affiliated with youth services, such as schools. Fleming used her two minutes to talk about Tay Anderson and the steady stream of young victims seeking medical care and refuge from Anderson at her home.

According to Fleming, one of the victims is fourteen years old and was violently raped by Anderson. She hasn’t sought legal help because she is an undocumented immigrant, allegedly. Fleming states that of the 62 victims who have contacted her for help, 61 of them are undocumented.

Meanwhile, the mainstream media is silent on these new allegations. Fleming was an Anderson ally during the onset of the Denver BLM riots and testifies in Denver about various bills and city-wide issues each year, mostly sexual assault and homeless-related issues. For Fleming to risk her reputation to expose Anderson’s rapes and assaults during a live state bill testimony is unexpected.

If victims are to be believed, then it’s very difficult to comprehend that at least 62 women and children are lying…that a former friend and advocate of Tay Anderson would testify against him in such a manner, calling him a rapist, unless there were solid proof. Surely, 62 victims are proof enough for something to finally be done about this dangerous person.

Sadly, many of Anderson’s victims may never see justice because of their undocumented status. Fleming herself believes there’s only a 3% chance Anderson will ever be charged. While these allegations continue to swirl around him, there has been no justice yet.

Anderson continues to behave in ways that are contradictory to any elected official, let alone one who deals with children. Unless readers believe that 62 victims are lying, Anderson is a violent rapist and a child predator.

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He’s a predator and will not change his behavior. He needs to be removed before he does more damage. Total sociopath.

Tay Tay means the opposite

There is no way he’s not doing time as well. The existential threat has at least been mitigated now. They should probably take his damn phone away too.

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