McKayla Maroney Testimony Affirms The Devastating Impact of Authority Siding With Predators Like Larry Nassar… And Tay Anderson

In June of 2021, just over 3 months ago, Denver Public School Board Director Tay Anderson faced a slew of alarming accusations from over within the Denver Public School system, with claims ranging from unwanted flirtations to inappropriate private texts messages…up to and including horrific abuse and sexual violence.

Allegations include incidents of abuse against minors, with reputable sources noting that many of these children were undocumented immigrants. Several students were reported to have been forced to sign NDA’s under the threat of turning their parents into I.C.E. to whom many of these victims went with their stories, outlined numerous incidents of sexual assault in graphic detail, in which multiple students in need of medical attention were afraid to seek it, out of fear of retaliation and/or deportation.

Subsequently, this tidal wave of horrifying allegations should have triggered a response from the rest of the school board to stand up and speak out on behalf of the students of DPS to quiet the fear and anxiety they might feel in knowing that an elected Board Member could have potentially abused their power in such a horrific way. The reaction from these elected officials, voted in by their constituents with the expectation that their primary job is to protect and advocate for the wellbeing of DPS children, should have been to assure the district that until a full investigation by all necessary authorities could be done – this potential predator would not be permitted anywhere near so much as a school sidewalk.


Apparently not.

After three months of legal scrutiny, testimony, witness statements, and parents and students coming forward, the official discipline for a public school official with over 60 allegations of abuse and sexual misconduct, and the justified questioning of what he has been using his elected position for, was the grotesque hit of painting Tay as the victim by calling his accusers “liars”, whose agenda is based in racism and aligned with white supremacy.

Oh, and to be .

Now, if these claims were undoubtedly false, the parents of DPS students, who have consistent interaction with Tay Anderson himself, would have rushed to his side to speak in favor of his positive influence within the school district and to defend his innocence with stories and reassuring confirmation of his character and integrity.

However, today the students at North High school in Denver Colorado took matters into their own hands. To make sure their concerns could no longer be pushed aside, the entire student body …angry at having their fears ignored and seeing the traumatic events of their peers trivialized, frustrated in knowing that those in charge of keeping them safe during school hours are only interested in optics, woke politics and even skin color, while they blatantly choose to dismiss the grave concerns of their students.

The whole situation begs the question – is the safety of children even a thought, let alone a priority anymore?

On the same day as the announcement of a Public-School Board Director receiving a slap on the wrist after facing dozens of accusations of sexual assault, a statement from a victim of convicted child predator Larry Nassar , and her remarks against those who were supposed to be fighting this battle with her were almost as shocking as the crime itself.

McKayla Maroney, an Olympic Gold Medalist for the 2012 women’s gymnastics team, along with dozens of fellow gymnasts, silently dealt with sexual abuse for years at the hands of her depraved and manipulative team doctor. In 2018 when an investigation was launched against sexual predator Larry Nassar, Maroney provided the harrowing details of the abuse to the FBI at their request, under their questioning. She believed that the decades-old institution, created for the sole purpose of forcing the most heinous criminals to face the fullest extent of the law and pursuing justice for their victims, would fight this battle with her, and seek justice for her and the other girls who bravely spoke out against Nassar.

However, the statement issued by Maroney just days ago was not against her abuser, but shockingly directly against the FBI itself, as she had come to find out that they were not only complicit in covering up these horrifying events, but they intentionally minimized her agonizing ordeal, falsified her claims, and completely misrepresented the information she had provided to them.

In so doing, the FBI had allowed a verified and repeat child sex offender to continue in his transgressions against dozens of other young victims, while leaving those who had spoken out and made the humiliating details of their nightmare public, to watch in horror as this seasoned and unrepentant victimizer roamed free.

The FBI, like the Denver Public School Board, and many other systems that we used to be able to trust to fight for the innocent and advocate for the exploited, are far more concerned with protecting their reputation and holding on to their power, than they are with the safety and wellbeing of those who come to them, expecting security and defense against the bad guys.

Now it appears as though the bad guys are the ones in charge.

The consistent take away from these offenses, or from any situation in which a public official makes a show of fighting for the little guy, is the fact that just because someone in power makes an official determination that criminal allegations against a particular individual are“unsubstantiated”, (or that a health directive is “for your safety”, or that a mandate is “to keep you healthy, etc.) – it clearly does not mean it’s true. In fact, now more than ever it is our job to question the motives and the agenda behind those making these decisions

Thankfully, despite the influx of children succumbing to the influence of teachers who use their classrooms to push woke ideology and victimhood of the American system over empowering young people with a strong education and the ability to think critically, there is a generation of warriors who are not afraid to speak out; they know the difference between right and wrong, even when those in power do not. These resilient youth stand up to the bullies, and they will not give in to intimidation.

Like McKayla Maroney – they will not sit around and wait for someone else to do the right thing.

~Samantha Bowers Koch, Outspoken Samantha

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