Anderson texts to students: “let’s be friends❤️❤️”

Tay Anderson must resign from DPS. His phone must be seized immediately. The allegations mounting against him are staggering; all together, at least 62 children victims have claimed inappropriate touching, intimidation, assault, or rape.

While DPS continues to dodge the issue and protect its prodigal son, the continued deflection of responsibility for protecting underage students by DPS is saddening and frightening.

If not for this page, the courageous efforts of Mary Katherine Fleming, and Jimmy Sengenberger, would Anderson be facing any heat at all? Doubtful. A has been started to remove Anderson’s name from diplomas and remove him from his school board position.

Leaked texts show Tay Anderson, a child predator, continuously texting DPS children in ways that a person in power over them should not.

“Text me, G 🙁 lol” reads one text.” “Let’s be friends” reads another. Anderson also used plenty of heart emojis when talking to the child in question. Why is a school board director texting minor children, asking them about their rooms, asking them to be friends?

The minor child handed over the texts to an advocate inside the BLM circle, but there are allegedly hundreds of similar texts to children.

The police and FBI need to immediately gain access to Anderson’s phone and prevent him from deleting any further evidence of his sexual assaults and predatory behavior.

If you have received predatory messages from Anderson, send them to us. We will protect your identity.

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