Tay Anderson groomed kids per investigation; is a victim of racism in his words and will not step down

Tay Anderson, who is still under active investigation by the Denver Police Department for rape and assault of 62 minor children at Denver Public Schools, received a copy of the by Investigation Law Group on his sexual misconduct with children before the public was made aware of it Wednesday. He was careful to let the public know that “God is in control…” as if God himself instructed Tay to sext kids.

The investigation by the obviously left-leaning “law group,” which used words such as “patriarchy” and “gendered comment,” as well as “black man,” while being run by white women, unsurprisingly did not substantiate the claims of Tay Anderson’s rape of ten children, including boys and girls who needed anal sutures and immediate medical attention. The same victims who were unwilling to speak to investigators in November of 2020 are still unwilling to speak, so those claims may never be fully proven. Nevertheless, where there’s smoke, there’s fire…and Anderson’s got a lot of smoke clouds above his free apartment.

Here is a snippet of the word salad used by ILG to help dismiss (only by ILG) most major charges against Anderson:

“Racism and its impact on this situation:
Director Anderson, his supporters and others have stated that the allegations that initiated this process are racially motivated. This situation involves a young Black man standing publicly accused by a white woman ostensibly speaking on behalf of non-white victims. Director Anderson is the only Black male member of the Board of Education. As such, race is a context that cannot be ignored in this case.”

Got it? If a white woman accuses a black man of raping or molesting 62 undocumented immigrants, it’s probably racism at play. Does that mean that a black woman accusing a white man of raping 62 kids is racist as well? Who really knows. Wokeism is impossible to understand because it relies on feelings and Democratic assertions that simply aren’t true. Investigation Law Group took the time to outline the CDC’s claim that racism is a “public health crisis.”

ILG even compared allegations of rape against Anderson, whose race apparently matters here, to “lynching.” Racism is not the cause of allegations against Anderson. Tay Anderson’s alleged assaults and proven grooming are the cause of the allegations.

As the investigation continued over the course of the summer, ILG was unable to speak with Anderson’s most dire alleged rape victims…which comes as no surprise since the alleged victims aren’t willing to risk their undocumented status or the status of their families.

ILG states, as most readers are aware, “Regardless, it is reasonable that a person would not want to face social media targeting by any of the parties in this situation. This context likely has exacted a chilling effect on people’s willingness to come forward and participate.”

The 96-page report contains more opinion and teachings on social justice than it does facts. In fact, the report meanders along several different woke premises such as racism towards Anderson, feminism, the ill-conceived concept of power derived from patriarchy, and other left wing political fallacies spouted by extremists for an entire 22 pages. Several of the remaining 74 pages of the report focus on social media posts and the effect of such posts on Anderson, as if that’s relevant to charges of rape of children.

Additionally, the report is quick to criticize the actions of Mary Katherine Brooks Fleming as “uncredible.” ILG even brings up the color of Fleming’s skin, as if that somehow points to her imaginary racism against Anderson.

When one points out the color of another person’s skin in order to discredit them, that person is perpetrating actual racism…anti-white racism. Anderson and his associates are anti-white racists.

While Denver Police continue to work this case as actual investigators and not woke PI’s, Fleming’s credibility will most likely receive several boosts.

With three investigations ongoing, Anderson may evade claims that he raped children so badly they needed anal stitches, but he cannot evade the totality of the evidence that he is a sexual predator who’s grooming children for sex. Anderson is an adult in a position of power over DPS students. Therefore, he not only has no right to engage in sex with students…he also has no right to sext them or ask for nudes…or ask them to go on dates with him.

The DPS Board finally recognized Anderson’s grooming and pedophilia this week and issued a statement that the Board will vote to censure Anderson Friday.

Anderson, the consummate “black victim,” sent to the Board, once again painting himself as the victim of racism and just being Tay. He made no mention in his letter of the victims or his willingness to admit sexting not one but multiple teenage DPS students:

The report that the Board of Education praised showed that the claims of sexaul assault were unsubstainted, I took accountability again for my actions as a teenager, I was forthcoming and did not lie throughout this process. It also showed that when I exchanged messages with someone and once I learned their age, I was the one to immediately cease communications with them. I willingly gave that information to ILG and when asked about it by ”

Anderson continues into his racism claims…

“This is unprecedented and reeks of anti-Blackness and is rooted in systems that uphold white supremacy. If we hold ourselves to the standard of being a district that believes in restorative / transformative justice please tell me how this is in line with those values?”

Then, Anderson tries to distract Coloradoans and concerned victims with the COVID-19 scandal, which he’s long capitalized on to paint non mask-wearers and the unvaccinated as white supremacists rather than Americans concerned with personal choice:

“Over the last six months the work of this district has been sidelined by unsubstantiated allegations. We have lost sight of the important issues at hand like student achievement, the spread of the COVID-19 virus, the lack of social emotional support, the crisis in our transportation system, and the lack of adequate school nurses. Instead the Board is spending time to meet in a non transparent, non authentic, and non community oriented way to pass a censure that lacks merit. We are not in line with any of our core values as a district.”

Tay Anderson sexted multiple kids, as evidenced by the report that was clearly performed to exonerate him of everything from text messages to forced sodomy. While no one is able, for now, to track down victims who needed sutures, Anderson’s behavior while on the school board, is that of a child predator, one who should be far away from children at all times, maybe even his own.

ILG inserted the text messages in question, which paint a picture of an adult school board member preying on young children for dates and sex. Those text messages went largely ignored, despite Colorado Herald’s reporting often texts in May of this year, but they’re the only solid, tangible evidence of Anderson’s pedophilia.

The ILG report also detailed Anderson and his associates’ social media intimidation tactics, which ILG attributes as a possible reason for victims’ hesitancy to come forward:

“On May 26, 2021, during the investigation, Director Anderson made the following Bugs Bunny image his Facebook cover photo on his private Facebook page:”

“As shown, the image depicts a character from a 1952 Warner Brothers short entitled ‘Oily Hare.’ The character, ‘Devil Rich Texan,’ is holding a gun on Bugs Bunny, with added text above Bugs Bunny (not in the original) saying, ‘Do it bitch.’
Director Anderson put this image up one day after Reporter 1’s testimony at the Colorado Capitol on May 25th involving allegations of rape and sexual assault against 62 DPS students. In terms of timing, the investigation was ongoing and we were still attempting to get witnesses to come forward when this posting went up. He only left it up a few hours.
Two witnesses in the investigation reached out to us to make us aware of this posting, and said they believed this was a post meant to intimidate women who might come forward in response to the testimony. One woman said:”

“‘I believe this post will intimate victims to come forward to investigators or report to law enforcement for fear of violence, including potential gun violence from Director Anderson or his many public apologists. I do not know who the post was about, but I hope each of you will see why this post was incredibly problematic to be posted by someone currently under investigation for sexual assault.’”

“One woman pointed to the use of the word ‘bitch’ as a gendered comment, that would be read by possible complainants as speaking to them.”

Furthermore, Anderson’s history of retaliation is both deep and alarming. In 2019, a woman who was caught up in a viral blackface video in Colorado was later by Anderson himself. This video was ignored by ILG, and Anderson has never been held accountable. Hopefully, Anderson’s threats about a totally irrelevant blackface video solved racism entirely…or at least in Tay’s mind.

Anderson provided a statement to Thursday morning:

“‘My intention was never to make anyone feel this way, but I understand now how these women-identifying members felt and this created an uncomfortable work environment for some. I also understand that in situations where people, like myself, are in positions of power and engage in this type of behavior it can lead to fear of negative repercussions, personally and professionally, and pressure to appease people with power…. I deeply apologize to the women-identifying members of NAC for the impact of my actions.’”

More word salad at play, Anderson’s words should mean nothing to the general public, whose concerns lie in protecting children from sexual predators rather than succumbing to the weaponization of white fragility. Both conservatives and liberals alike, but especially liberals, are hesitant to speak out against a black man accused of such heinous allegations for fear of being labeled a racist, much like Anderson’s first public accuser Mary Katherine Brooks Fleming. After all, in 2021, racism is the cloak of protection under which such personal accountability-flouting leftists float from Point A to Point B while amassing more political clout.

But the terms “racism,” as well as “public lynching” are not appropriate here. Anderson is not the victim of racism; he’s the victim of his own sexual perversions…and he was caught in some of the behaviors his opponents have accused him of for years. Now, he must pay the price and be removed from the Board. In no situation in America should a child groomer be left to rule over children’s lives.

Children attend school to learn, grow, and become better adults. They don’t get on the bus each morning hoping to be sexually harassed and molested.

Anderson must go far away from politics, and more importantly far away from children (maybe even his own child, as evidenced by his ) and never come back. Colorado children need nothing less than a race-bating egomaniac who’s threatening his own victims on social media and capitalizing on current wokeism to deny his sexual misdoings and alleged crimes against those children.

~Irma Rovva

Mary Katherine Brooks Fleming’s public testimony during hearing for SB21-088, for readers who may inflect racism into her assertions, is below:

“My name is Mary-Katherine Brooks Fleming. I’m a small business owner, a mother to four children, 3 of whom attend Denver Public Schools , and a survivor of the most violent rape imaginable.

“And I am here to tell you that a sexual predator is targeting DPS children.

“Sixty two. Sixty two.

“In the summer of 2020, Wall of Moms formed, and we became a point of contact for people in the community who had nowhere else to go for help. In late August, I received a request from a DPS student for physical protection from a specific adult. Others came forward, asking for similar protection from the same individual. By autumn the asks escalated; individuals were now coming directly to my home, asking for medical attention.

“All in all, 61 high school students and one recent graduate would turn to me for help. The youngest was 14. 62 victims, 61 undocumented or DREAMers, all so afraid of one man they could barely whisper his name, all listing offenses from unwanted touching to violent acts of rape. None wanted to report to the police, most made comments like, “no one ever stops him,” indicating this wasn’t the first time they had sought help…when I learned that MULTIPLE NDAS WERE IN PLACE WITH WHITE SURVIVORS OF THIS PERSON, I REALIZED that a bunch of mandatory reporters, didnt.

“Those who came to my home didn’t have health insurance, couldn’t afford emergency rooms, and even if they could they wanted to avoid mandatory reporters for fear that such an interaction could jeopardize their family. It is horrifying to realize that someone had preyed on these children, knowing their silence was guaranteed. Mine never is.

“These are children. Their brains are still developing and their fear is real. We have to stop putting the onus on our children to feel and act like adults. They should have the time to decide when and if they want to come forward. WE ARE FAILING OUR KIDS. WE CANNOT overlook this injustice. Since our institutions don’t protect us, and the police cannot assist us, the ABSOLUTE LEAST we can do is ensure that public institutions are held accountable starting with our schools.

“As a parent, as a voter, as a Decent human being, I beg for your yes vote on SB88, so we the people can hold enabling institutions accountable, since statistics say there is only a 3% chance this rapist will be stopped. The ramifications for schools are great, AS THEY SHOULD BE.”

As a victim herself, Mary Katherine’s testimony on SB21-073 is also relevant (and probably racist in Anderson’s eyes):

“My name is Mary-Katherine Brooks Fleming. I prefer to be addressed as Mrs. Alex Fleming or MK, or Mom. After I tell you why that matters you will understand why you need to pass SB21-73 AS IS.

“Mary-Katherine Brooks was from rural Tennessee, and being accepted to Georgetown University was like winning the lottery- it changed the trajectory of her life. When she was raped, the first time, her sophomore year, she did not have the financial resources, support network, or the mental fortitude to fight a university that valued its reputation over its students, and a criminal system that was stacked against her. Mary-Katherine wasn’t a fighter or a trailblazer. She was scared and weak and she chose self-preservation. She didn’t have what it takes, what the justice system requires, to make the transition from victim to accuser.

“The following year, When two more victims asked for her testimony to aid in their criminal case against her rapist, she said no, and charges were never filed.

“Ten years later, when a The Wharton School graduate school classmate would ask for her help in reporting date rape, Mary-Katherine Brooks declined. She actually advised against it, said nothing good would come from it.

“I hate Mary-Katherine Brooks.

“I hate her so much not long after my rape I couldn’t hear her name. I told people to call me MK.

“You probably know MK, whether you like it or not. GOD she is awful! She knows her electeds by name and holds them accountable, testifies on bills, preps her #protestkids for public hearings and aids her fellow #Abolitionists in destroying the system that failed her younger self. Yet, she will always be a victim, because the statute of limitations on her accusation has expired.

“But enough about me. Let’s talk about my rapist.

“He was a faculty member at Georgetown University.
He told me if I reported no one would believe me.
He told me if I said his name out loud the University would destroy me and then he’d sue me for slander.

“He probably didnt have a panic attack when I posted to Facebook in October 2018 that I’d be coming to Cape Cod for work. I on the other hand had several panic attacks when friends warned me he works less than two miles from the hotel I would be staying in. My employer was not impressed with my behavior that weekend. This was coming after a month of trauma responses wrought by the Kavanaugh hearings, so they’d had enough. I can’t blame them, these are my wounds to hide. Hiding my trauma is a small part of the work I never asked for, the job I can’t quit as a rape survivor. I am judged on how I perform this work every day of my life.

“He’s protected by a statute of limitations so His work hasn’t changed much. I found the courage to report at when I found out he was working with transgender individuals. At that point my only redress was to call his employer, who informed me that his previous work history was consistent with the way problematic or predatory individuals are shifted around throughout the institution…but they couldn’t act on unofficial accusations from 20 years ago. Then they said they were sorry I wasn’t over it yet. Georgetown’s Title 9 coordinator said the same thing.

“SB21-703 would stop my rapist, Because MK Fleming would report. She has everything Mary-Katherine Brooks did not, and she would do it because MK still has panic attacks but it is HE who is currently protected in ways she will never be, for committing a crime from which she will never recover.

“YOU NEED to know that we call ourselves survivors because so few of us do. You don’t get over trauma. On behalf of every Mary-Katherine Brooks who lacked the immense privilege required to morph into MK. Fleming, who buckle and break under the strain of the labor of masking our trauma for YOUR COMORT, I DEMAND that you pass SB21-73 AS-IS with each and every clause INTACT.”

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