Abortion Activists Overlook Oppression of Afghan Women

Yesterday, the state of Texas passed what appears to be one of the strictest laws to prohibit abortion in the entire country.

According to the newly enacted 6-week abortion ban, every baby with a detectable heartbeat is protected from being killed by an abortion. The Texas law allows private citizens to bring civil lawsuits against abortion providers and anyone else who facilitates an abortion in violation of the law.

You would think that all of the “pro-science’ hysterics, who smirk at the idea of you losing your job for not getting a vaccine that’s still in clinical trials, or demand penalties for not wearing a mask alone in your car, would be able to stand behind the irrefutable science that says a life in the womb is indeed human, and never changes species between conception and birth.

However, the disingenuous radicals that claim to be pro-science have not responded to the new Texas law in away that makes sense or aligns with science in any way, but instead in the way that we all predicted – in total denial of scientific facts, and under the long-time perpetuated lie that not being able to end a life is withholding a constitutional right (even though the constitution explicitly protects the basic, God-given right to life).

This is called “woke science”, which is like real science, but without any regard for factual information.

Also completely predictable are the outrage protests outside of our local Capitol Buildings, where both men and women scream and shout about the kind of oppression that only those who have spent at least most of their life in the U.S. feel is truly authoritarian – and that is being denied free reign on killing babies.

Side note – notice how they’ve moved from the catchphrase “My body, my choice!” to “Bans off our bodies”? This creates a nice, smooth path for a double standard of advocating for government to force vaccinations on you, while being able to shake their fist in favor of “reproductive rights.” And that’s exactly what they’re doing.

However, do any of these dissidents have any idea what the real oppression of women looks like?  And if they did, would they fight against it?

Funnily enough, they have been presented with a perfect opportunity to demonstrate whether or not their “fight” for women’s rights extends beyond the woke definition of oppression and trending slogans, to a legitimate fight where endangered women actually need those of us with the freedom to speak up, to do so.

As anti-life activists stand outside government buildings with their fists high, belly’s showing and voices raised, there are no state police showing up to shut down their shouts of dissent against this official ruling with violence, or a terrorist group of barbarians closing in to force these foot-stomping women into all-encompassing burqas, or just shooting them for speaking at all.


There is no one ordering them to go home and hide until they are accompanied in public by a male escort, demanding their daughters over the age of 12 to be handed over to be used as child brides and sexual slaves to older men, these women are not being hunted down for having beliefs that do not align with a monolithic culture, for being educated, for standing in the public eye, singing or dancing, and they do not face the threat of being for presenting a poorly cooked meal. And seeing as how there’s a likely possibility that several of these protesters identify as part of the LGBTQIA+ community, as roughly 90% of the woke movement identifies as one of the 57 genders, or as no gender at all, proudly claiming their spot under one of the 15 letters that classifies this group – there is no law that instructs state enforcement to , just for existing.

So, it would be coalescent with their cause to fight for women who are experiencing the horrors of real oppression listed above, especially if there was a current opportunity to do just that.

With the recent events of Joe Biden’s decision to totally abandon Afghanistan, millions of women who have been  to pursue an education, speak in public, to hold public office, lead their communities, to even just walk down the streets and show their faces – now live under the control of the Taliban, having lost the freedoms they’ve enjoyed for almost two decades.  Some of these women aren’t old enough to even remember what life was like prior to a U.S. Military presence in their country, and many have never experienced it at all.

Overnight, their rights were pulled out from under them like a worn-out rug, ready to be discarded.

Afghani women are being removed from Universities, education is banned for girls past the sixth grade, female public figures such as news anchors, singers, speakers and advocates are being and murdered as we speak, and with every beat that a woman in the U.S. pumps her fist about losing the right to end life in the womb, a young Afghani girl is being handed to a terrorist as a sex slave.

The entire female population of Afghanistan, under the rule of the Taliban, will now be ordered to don the all-encompassing burqa, to be treated and dealt with as property, and face the constant threat of being put to deathfor the smallest of infractions.

Yet, it seems as though the same women in America who are performing an interpretive dance about having one option restricted on dealing with an unplanned pregnancy, these same “activists” shockingly still side with the current administration who made a decision that has sentenced millions of women to being regarded as no more valuable than a pair of shoes, with no higher value than a goat.

As each of these pro-abortion/anti-life/anti-science, pink-haired activists is able to make every decision about where she goes to school, gets a job, whether to live in an apartment or a house, with a roommate or on her own, to go to night clubs every day of the week or stay at home and read a book of her choosing; where she can vote, hold any position of public office (in case we’ve forgotten, the current Vice President of the United States is, in fact, a female), work alongside and even above the men in our society; where she can wear what she wants, when she wants to, and where every decision she makes, every single day is hers to make, and hers alone – their blatant hypocrisy, lack of integrity, and being utterly devoid of any trace of discernible conviction prevents them from fighting for a legitimate cause, where not only babies are carelessly and easily be disposed of, but the women themselves.

But, at least one point of their “fight for rights” is consistent regarding both the issue of killing unborn babies and the truly oppressed women of Afghanistan – out of sight, out of mind.

~Samantha Bowers Koch,

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wendy o lofgren

Well said! Unfortunately, Afghanistan is merely the tip of the iceberg. You could also add that Sharia law ( Islam law ) with their horrifying treatment of women and Christians has been steadily overtaking most African countries, India, SE Asia, the EU and every western civilization country in existence. They use “islamophobia” and “inclusivity” victimhood to get their evil sharia laws tolerated. My favorite law is the one which allows them to murder anyone who does not worship islam. It’s time to say NO!

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