Fauci, puppy torture, and a country on the brink of evil

Everyone around me knows I love animals, especially dogs.

But even I think it will be morally unjust if Dr. Fauci takes a political fall for the NIH’s experiments on dogs. These disgusting experiments pale in comparison to the number of people who died following Fauci’s politically-driven medical advice. It will be morally unjust if there are no consequences for his lying before Congress, or for his US tax dollar support of illegal research at the Wuhan Institute of Virology.

This uproar reminds me so much of former NY governor, Andrew Cuomo. It’s horrific that Cuomo assaulted women, and I’m glad he resigned. But don’t forget that he was never held responsible for the deaths of all the helpless people who were intentionally exposed to Covid in nursing homes. Sexual assault is a human rights violation, but the right to life is our first right. Without it, we can practice no other rights. Andrew Cuomo was responsible for assault…and death. Only death was ignored by our media and government.

Conservatives get so gleeful about the political downfall of a Democrat, that they lose sight of the big picture. The Left is playing the long game. They create these situations to distract us from their bigger evil. Cuomo and Fauci were no longer defensible, so the pundits made big hay out of information that has been publicly known for years. They know that, if we hold Cuomo or Fauci responsible for Covid deaths, Democrat leaders all over the country would need to go down alongside them.

So let’s remind ourselves of the cause of so much human suffering and death.

At the Wuhan Institute of Virology, in China, Dr. Fauci and the NIH funded dirty research on coronavirus. They couldn’t perform it here because it is illegal in the US to try and mutate everyday viruses into more and more deadly forms. It was illegal to use our tax dollars, too, but Fauci never counted on getting caught.

A coronavirus outbreak occurred near the lab. The Chinese government tried to cover it up. The WHO aided the Chinese Communist Party by agreeing that there was no person-to-person transmission. The outbreak was not contained and anti-liberty governments locked up the citizens of the world.

People in nursing homes, the most vulnerable to this virus, were exposed to it on purpose by Democrat politicians. Some of those politicians, like Rachel Levine, even removed their own parents from the nursing homes before introducing the virus. A pandemic was declared. Many died alone in those nursing homes. Their helpless family members were desperately locked in their homes and called selfish by our nation’s leaders for wanting to go anywhere. The solutions our leaders offered to slow the spread are not proven by research and frequently illogical, like masking only to walk to your restaurant table. At the same time, lifesaving medicines are denied to those who ask for them, supposedly for not being proven by research.

And throughout all of this injustice, we have Anthony Fauci, the highest paid bureaucrat in America. The man who started this was trusted by our government to solve it. But all he did was play political games. The only people he wanted to protect were those who are the least vulnerable to Covid-19. Democrats blast every word he says, as though it is said with benevolence.

Justice should come for more than the beagles.

Savannah Wolfson

“There is this difference between the growth of some human beings and that of others: in the one case it is a continuous dying, in the other a continuous resurrection.” –George MacDonald in The Princess and Curdie

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There is absolutely no excuse for the barbaric methods being used to torture puppies for this experiment which has had ZERO success for humans. If Michael Vick was charged with animal cruelty for his antics which to be honest were far less grotesque as this story is of which there is video evidence of the torture going on so lets not turn this into another “Lets go Brandon” fiasco as those of us that saw the video which is like a scene from a Saw movie know what we saw. Someone is without a doubt torturing small innocent dogs in the name of research. If any one of us as ordinary people were to do this we’d be charged with animal cruelty just like Michael Vick was and end up in jail. It’s time to hold these monsters accountable and they need to go to jail. If it is Anthony… Read more »

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