Video: India’s Humanitarian Crisis-A Civilian and Government Comparison of Forced Covid-19 Vaccinations

out of India shows forced vaccinations across the nation as the country forces citizens to get vaccinated or go to jail. On Tuesday, India’s President threatened his citizens with jail cells that are foul and “smelly” if they don’t get vaccinated. Leaked video now shows Indians physically detained and injected with the dreaded COVID-19 vaccine.

Uncensored social media accounts are sharing disturbing videos of physical force being used to administer Covid-19 vaccinations to unwilling citizens in India. The blatant disregard for medical autonomy and barbaric vaccine administration is inhumane and should cause global outrage. This disturbing content is a form of medical segregation and slavery in India, where the individual is not a collective part of society. Instead, society owns the individual and his health.

Warning: Disturbing (Uncensored) Content.  


India’s Prevaricating Government’s Standpoint is this:

Chief Justice Biswanath Somadder and Justice H.S. Thangkhiew, a division bench committee of the Meghalaya high Court, , “The right to healthcare, which includes vaccination, is a fundamental right. However, vaccination by force or being made mandatory by adopting coercive methods vitiates the very fundamental purpose of the welfare attached to it.”

Despite acknowledging the “fundamental right to healthcare,” Somadder glosses over multiple mandates issued AND enforced by Deputy Commissioners, which require vaccination in order to conduct business. Coercive methods shouldn’t be defined as the following: commerce (shops, vendors) and service sectors (taxi drivers) requiring vaccination in order to conduct business.

In order to work and earn wages for basic necessities, such as food and shelter, Indian citizens must be vaccinated. However, this is (shockingly) not considered a coercive method.

In true Fauci-Covidism-Double-Speak, the Indian high court noted, “Whether vaccination can at all be made mandatory and whether such mandatory action can adversely affect the right of a citizen to earn his/her livelihood is an issue which requires consideration.”

What was the high court’s “consideration?” A mandate that all businesses must post their staff’s vaccination status in a prominently displayed sign, “vaccinated” or “not vaccinated”. No mention is made of the forced vaccinations occurring across the county.

Dear India, 

Please note, after thoughtful consideration, all future business vaccination status postings will display “vaccinated,” or “vaccinated.”  Afterall, you have a choice. “Get in line for the jab, no consent necessary.” 


The High Court 

P.S. Also, disregard the fact that for decades. This is all for your safety, India.