Two black D.C. teens brutally murder innocent Asian man; most Asian hate crimes committed by blacks

Where is that headline this morning? It’s purposefully missing from mainstream media, but if the teens were white, the headlines would read, “white teens murder Asian in racist hate crime.” In the brutal video of the murder, two black, armed teenage girls carjack an Uber vehicle and kill the innocent driver in the process.

CNN, like every major media outlet, has conveniently left out the facts…that the teens are black and the victim is Asian. Race only matters when the criminals are white, and the racism narrative can be played. As Candace Owens not so eloquently pointed out, the majority of hate crimes against Asians are perpetrated by black people.

Much like the black BLM advocates who adopted and murdered an innocent white child in February, the black teens who murdered an innocent Asian Uber driver in Washington, D.C. will largely escape hate crimes charges, legally and in the court of public opinion because they’re black, and this is the year of wokeness. In fact, the media and the liberal half of the public is working hard to dispel any notions of blackness in the murderers. Some “well-meaning” anti-racist wokes on social media have even eluded to the fact that the teens probably killed the Uber driver because they’ve had “difficult lives as black people” and “probably experienced racism as children.”

Got that? It’s never black peoples’ fault; racism and crime can only be attributed to white people, especially conservatives.

In 2018, as evidenced by actual data, “Blacks are 280x more likely to commit violent crimes against Asians than Asians are to commit crimes against Blacks.” For every race other than Asians, the most common perpetrator of violent crimes and hate crimes is their own race. That’s only not true for Asians, whose major perpetrator against their community is black people.

The black teenage girls who brutally murdered the Asian Uber driver in Washington, D.C., however, don’t fit the narrative of white supremacy, so their hate crimes are ignored.

From Black Enterprise:

“In the footage, Anwar struggled with the girls to prevent them from taking his car. The older gentleman clung to the vehicle as the suspects sat in the driver and passenger seats, preparing to speed off in the Honda. He could be heard yelling, ‘They’re thieves. This is my car!’”

According to the data, if the nation is consumed by “Asian hate” and “hate crimes against black people,” then it should look to black people to fix the issue. Unfortunately, the media, via BLM, has given Black people unwarranted and unlimited ability to perpetrate any crimes it wants, under the guise of “strain” and “years of oppression.” Woke yet?

The media’s hypocrisy is nothing new, but readers should be careful not to attach racism to their own values at the request of a hypocritical, dishonest media. Know this, readers: you aren’t racist, you aren’t the problem. The media is the problem, and you shouldn’t feel guilty for hate crimes or “Asian hate,” which is all based on contrived data skewed against white people. Fault for hate crimes, especially Asians, rests mostly with the media and part of the Black community.

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RE Hafner

If you have a black ass the press kisses your ass.

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