Racist Anderson posts racist text to distract from his own racism

Tay Anderson claimed last night that a white man perpetrated the Boulder shooting because Tay is a racist thug who hates white people.

Anderson was forced to backtrack on his claims that a white man perpetrated the shooting when reports came to light this morning that the shooter was a Muslim man from Syria who sympathized with ISIS.

Since Tay needed to somehow backtrack on his original statement this morning, he blamed his racism on the fact that “a majority of these horrendous acts have been by white men…” In other words, he based his racism on stereotypes, the very definition of racism.

Again, imagine if a white person posted, “another black man shot someone in Chicago.” Neither are acceptable, but one would be called racist. Tay is never called out for his recharge behavior.

When that explanation didn’t suffice, Tay the racist posted screen shots of an alleged racist text he received, calling him a “nigger” and blasting him for erroneously calling the shooter white. Since Anderson has continued to dox and post the identities and beliefs of anyone who doesn’t agree with him, it’s especially curious that Anderson didn’t post the name or phone number of the person who sent him the racist text today.

Predictably, no one in Denver has called on Racist Tay Anderson to post the information, probably because he doesn’t have the information. We are therefore calling on Anderson to post more information about the text so that the public may decide if the text was real or concocted by Anderson himself.

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