Tay Anderson’s associates attack children

GiGi Gordon, who led the students in creating a for DPS to issue new diplomas without Tay Anderson’s signature, led a on Thursday to allow students time and space to voice their concerns about alleged rapist and DPS Board member Tay Anderson. While she and other students spoke, they were confronted by several belligerent adults and a DPS staff presence.

Newly emerging details about Anderson’s sordid dealings with students paint a terrifying picture of a school board member who preys specifically on undocumented children because they are afraid to speak out against him for fear of being deported. Anderson statements prepared by his attorney Christopher Decker that paint Tay as a victim. According to Decker, a racist web hacker concocted these allegations to smear Anderson. All together, at least 74 students have alleged rape, sexual misconduct, or sexual assault by DPS Board Secretary Tay Anderson.

GiGi Gordon courageously began talking at Thursday’s protest on the steps of City Hall shortly after 4:00 pm. After Gordon and a few of the students spoke , an activist in the crowd, Mona Cedillo, stepped towards City Hall stairs and began asking the group of girls, “do we have any survivors or parents present?” When Ella, a DPS student, asked, “Can I just say something?” Cedillo became visibly hostile and began launching attacks on the protest and the organizers.

“I know a lot of people, and I reached out to them and said, ‘did any of these kids reach out to you?’ And they all said ‘no’…” Cedillo bemoaned, as if to dismiss any allegations against Tay Anderson. As Cedillo and several protest attendees yelled at each other, a “parasol” security guard in black bloc stood between Cedillo and the girls, at one point even blocking Cedillo from screaming at conservative protestors in the crowd…probably a first for both parties and a truly worthwhile occasion, abused children, to set political differences aside.

Gordon was able to deflect the situation, and the protest continued. “It doesn’t matter if it’s allegations or not. It matters that kids want to feel safe every single day when they’re going to school to get a diploma,” said Gordon after the situation simmered down. She spoke at length about how intimidating the DPS booth at the protest was for not only her but for survivors.

Kristin Bailey, DPR Coordinator & Title IX Coordinator, who watched as the students and adults present at Gordon’s protest spoke, stood behind the DPS table until the end of the protest.

In addition to students GiGi Gordon, Ella, Valerie, and Alexa, Jimmy Sengenberger, Irma Rovva, and a woman who put out libertarian petitions for signing at the protest also spoke about the lack of actions by Denver Public Schools Board members, DPS staff, and Denver Teachers Union. The union was aware of allegations of misuse of funds by Anderson while serving on Never Again Colorado and inappropriate behavior towards students on that board and still in 2019.

Sengenberger spoke to the alleged undocumented victims in Spanish, “Ningún estudiante indocumentado debe temer a un miembro de la junta escolar. No es aceptable para NADA. Con este punto, estamos de acuerdo. Ahora, en este momento, estamos juntos en pedir la dimisión de Tay Anderson.”

Translation: “No undocumented student should fear a member of their school district. It’s not acceptable AT ALL. On this point, we agree. Now, in this moment, we are united in calling for the resignation of Tay Anderson.”

After the protest, as Gigi Gordon waited for her two minutes of public testimony during the virtual 6pm meeting that same evening, Kristin Bailey, DPR Coordinator & Title IX Coordinator at DPS, left her blue-swathed table to come speak to the students on City Hall stairs.

Bailey gave her business card to Gordon and told the group that if any victims needed to talk, she would be available. Mary Katherine Brooks Fleming, who originally testified at the Capitol during SB21-088 that an unnamed predator within DPS had assaulted at least 62 students, took the lead in the tense moment and questioned Bailey as to why no staff members have assisted prior victims. Bailey told Brooks Fleming she was never aware of any of the allegations against Anderson.

That same evening, Mona Cedillo posted derogatory comments about GiGi Gordon on her Facebook page. Hashim Coates, to Anderson, also attacked Gordon on social media.

Coates says about GiGi Gordon, “She is much, much more dangerous. She is a while girl who masters crocodile tears to manipulate others, and there will be the wreckage of many, mostly male, lives in her wake.” Cedillo goes on to say, “not just males. Any females who reach out and try to befriend, follow help her.”

Got it, female students? In other words, white people cannot make accusations against males, according to the somewhat off kilter far leftist ideology on display in the Tay Anderson saga. Also, if you are a female student, and you befriend GiGi Gordon, according to the woman who interrupted children speaking on Thursday, you are the problem. And therein lies the actual problem…adults preemptively shaming kids for even associating with a student who is advocating for Anderson’s alleged victims.

Meanwhile, the man otherwise known as Anderson’s “brother,” continues to concern himself with the words and actions of advocates but has not made any statements regarding the . Coates represents the leftist media and male-centric mentality regarding Anderson; what did the victim do to deserve this rape? What could the alleged victims do differently to protect the male in power over them?

Attacking Gordon and anyone who speaks out against Anderson does nothing to undermine the credibility of over four years of allegations against Anderson. DPS has already admitted to spending over $50,000 investigational costs and $100,000 in , much of which relates directly to Anderson’s “distractions.” Since the investigation is expected to last through the summer, the total amount spent won’t be known for quite some time.

Anderson continues to not only be a distraction, but his associates are alarmingly aggressive and insulting towards victims and children. DPS, while it has failed to protect or advocate for Anderson’s victims, continues to spend thousands of dollars per day to keep its prodigal son and his band of agitators at arm’s length of both children and politics.

While the public is clamoring to know the specifics of the allegations and how many victims Anderson may have claimed, it should also ask why DPS and powerful legislators are so intent on propping up this one man, Tay Anderson, despite four years of allegations. Who is at the top of the decision making and financial ladder when it comes to Tay Anderson, and when will they have had enough “distractions” by way of he and his associates’ behavior towards women, children, and the general public?

~Irma Rovva