Overnight gun confiscation begins in Colorado

On Tuesday night, the Senate State Veterans & Military Affairs Committee began hearing st 10:00pm. This bill creates an Office of Gun Violence Prevention, which will serve as a “public outreach” program. will also be heard, which drastically expands criminal charges which may prohibit firearms transfers.

The of misdemeanor crimes for which a person in Colorado, as per HB21-1298, may be denied a firearm are restrictive. Harassment makes the list, which is a very broad crime for which to deny someone’s Constitutional rights.

Also on the list is cruelty to animals. While an abhorrent act, surely the Framers never intended that a man who abused his sheep would lose his right to bear arms. House Bill 21-1298: “Expand Firearm Transfer Background Check Requirements” is a thinly-veiled attempt by the State of Colorado’s legislators to take more guns out of circulation by dramatically restricting who can legally buy and own them.

It’s no secret that blue state, local governments and the federal government are coming for your guns. This has been in the works since before Biden was ever “elected.”

The legislation in Colorado meant to restrict gun rights is so all-encompassing and nonstop that it’s exhausting for legislators, advocates, and taxpayers. SB21-256: “” is just that-it’s tiring. The bill made its way though the Senate chamber and could possibly go straight through the House…nothing stops so many of these gun bills in Colorado.

But SB21-256 is a dangerous way of making laws. First, it’s a law enforcement nightmare. The bill gives local control regarding firearm possession, concealed or not, to local governments. Colorado barely got a taste of that messy process with masks, and firearms are way more controversial than masks.

People all across Colorado travel from one county to the next each day; routine traffic stops become criminal arrests. HB21-1298 increases the likelihood that those charged could also face additional charges if a background check reveals they have committed animal cruelty.

SB21-256, at its core, however, takes rights away from people based upon where they may live. Plenty of local governments, such as Boulder’s, lean left. Boulder passed its infamous Boulder Ban in 2018, banning assault rifles. The case was overturned by a District Court judge as unconstitutional on March 12th, 2021. SB21-256 would allow Boulder to not only ban assault rifles but ban all firearms.

Creating a law to give local governments control to take away fundamental rights rather than removing the rights as a state legislative body doesn’t make a law anymore just. The Colorado legislature should be ashamed that it’s even considering legislation that gives a local authority to trigger a US Supreme Court Case. The state legislature knows no more shame when it comes to voters’ rights.

What all of this means is that the legislation being passed could mean that if you were convicted of harassing your ex-wife or you live in a certain town, you cannot legally purchase order own a firearm, or both. Overnight.

Anti 2A bills are moving so quickly each day through the Colorado legislature that they’ve become tiring to watch, let alone track. Sadly, though one could track and testify at every single one, and it wouldn’t make a world of difference.

There’s something really offensive happening in Colorado and all across the USA; loss of basic rights is being sold as “safety,” and that’s a problem. Average Coloradoans cannot exercise free speech, their medical freedoms are being severely restricted, and now their right to own firearms is being threatened on a massive level…

The best anyone can hope for, at best, are a few amendments that limit any of these egregious bills in the slightest.

In Boulder, Raw Tools has launched a June gun buyback, with the goal being the removal of 500 firearms from circulation. Raw Tools converts those firearms to gardening tools because the kinds of people turning in their firearms to be turned into gardening tools are maybe the type who perpetrate mass shootings at King Soopers? Probably not.

As predicted back in April, the Boulder shooting will be used to push massive gun legislation. It shouldn’t be without remiss that most of the mass shooters of 2021 and throughout history were known to the FBI, .

Since that’s the case, maybe the FBI could tell the Colorado legislature how likely Ahmad Al Aliwi Al-Issa would’ve been to turn in his firearms had his town passed such an ordinance or how likely the FBI’s psychiatrist deems the shooter would’ve been to turn in his firearms to be recycled into gardening tools. Maybe if there were a law in the terrorist shooter’s town or a poster for gardening tool gun buybacks at his morning coffee stop, the Boulder shooting wouldn’t have happened?

Not likely. These laws affect law-abiding citizens, not the type of people who shoot-up massage businesses and practice radical Islam.

Depending on where you live, which small crime you’ve committed, which firearms you carry, whether or not your firearms are concealed, and where you travel throughout your day, you could be a criminal tomorrow.

If the government were concerned with preventing mass shootings, then it could remove firearms from the hands of those on its watch list rather than making laws to turn law abiding people into criminals.

Welcome to Colorado’s New Normal, as Polis during his executive order establishing his “New Normal Advisory Board…” thanks to, “COVID-19,” which is a “public health crisis,” as is “racism.”

These laws can change how people earn a living, where they work, live, and travel. Today it’s a list of misdemeanors; tomorrow it’s all misdemeanors. Today it’s not your town, but city council changes over next year and could lean anti-gun. So by 2022, you’ll either have to move or break the law each day. Don’t worry; it’s for your safety.

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More liberal lunacy.

Denny Ruffin

Polis, apparently, stopped humping his boyfriend’s leg long enough to propose yet another violation of the U.S. Constitution. (2nd amendment). No surprise, of course, for a Socialist to try that.

BJ McCauley

Remember all the money Bloomberg pumped into Colorado? Well, guess who’s helping him? The good CCP Chairman himself.

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