Monument becomes COVID-19 sanctuary city

No 08-2021 passed the Monument Board of Trustees unanimously tonight in a 7-0 vote. The resolution is posted on the town website.

In a December 7th meeting attended by five of seven trustees, Mayor Don Wilson and the board members present decided at the end of the meeting to draft a resolution to allow all businesses to open it they choose.

Mayor Don Wilson ordered a resolution to be drafted, which was passed tonight after mostly positive comments from the public.

The Town of Monument’s Facebook page was flooded in the hours after the resolution passed, mostly with positive comments, such as Wesley Owens Coffee Shop owner Lindsey Leite, who praised the City Council for their commitment to allowing businesses to “support their families.”

Others commented that the town officials were acting irresponsibly and would go down “on the wrong side of history.”

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Joanne Huspek

I guess I’ll be heading to Monument to support their businesses.


I think Monument has a smart board, congratulations Monumet.

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