Mask fans begin the Come and Take it campaign despite that no one is taking their masks

Mask fans have been a hard bunch this last year; no amount of irrefutable data, science, or facts of any kind will convince them that the flimsy cloth covering their mouths is ineffective at stopping the spread of any virus. In fact, they’re not even effective in the operating room.

Still, (mostly liberal) mask fanatics cry out that everyone must wear a mask, or two, or three…for their safety.

Mask hysteria on Twitter

When Governor Greg Abbott of Texas fully re-opened the state on Tuesday, mask fanatics cried lunacy, laid claims to partisan politics, and claimed Abbott would have the “death of Texans on his hands.”

Whoa! The media has done its job on mask fanatics; they truly believe that a piece of fabric is all that stands between them and a “deadly disease.” That must be a really difficult and fearful way to live, so mask fanatics have started a “Come and Take It” campaign for masks. Apparently, nobody told them that in the thirteen states without state-wide mask mandates, not one Governor or governmental agency is “coming for their masks.”

The Texas government is not telling people they cannot wear masks; it simply isn’t telling them, unconstitutionally, that they must wear them anymore. Mask fanatics seem to have forgotten that this is the USA, and people are free to wear hazmat suits if they so desire. They’re simply not free to make their neighbors participate in the antics.

Ironically, the same sector of people who are begging Governor Polis to continue extending the Colorado mask mandate and swearing that Texas will be the death of a nation is not using the “Come and Take it” approach to Biden’s unconstitutional gun legislation, which he plans to sign into law via Executive Orders any day.

The “Come and take it” campaign was born on Twitter, where it will most likely die, but it speaks volumes about the safety that society has come to expect from its government.

A society more worried about the loss of its flimsy Chinese masks than the loss of its personal firearms is doomed, and control given to the government is seldom regained. Americans have lost their way when they are upset that the Governor of the largest state in the country gave its power back to the people.