Laborers International Union laments Biden endorsement and job losses

The Laborer’s International Union of North America endorsed Joe Biden, frequently tweeting and utilizing Facebook posts to encourage others to vote for Joe Biden.

LIUNA’s endorsement

represents over 70,000 skilled workers who are trained in the construction and energy industries, most often infrastructure building such as roads and skyscrapers.

On January 8th, LIUNA member Marty Walsh was named Labor Secretary by Joe Biden, leading LIUNA and labor unions to believe Biden, still, would be good for laborers.

Joe Mancinelli, Regional Vice President and Regional Manager for LIUNA, frequently uses his social media to condemn conservatives and Donald Trump.

Despite the fact that half the US warned labor unions of Biden’s impending to eliminate the Keystone XL pipeline, the liberal-leaning LIUNA and it’s leadership team forged ahead with Biden .

Biden also racked up endorsements from the International Union of Elevator Constructors and the National Federation of Federal Employees, collectively with LIUNA accounting for hundreds of thousands of skilled . Biden was also endorsed by the country’s largest coalition of labor unions.

LIUNA dollars to Biden’s 2020 Presidential campaign, with labor union contributions topping $24,058,071.

In Pennsylvania, immersed in the oil and gas industries, labor unions in the fight for the Presidency, likely for Joe Biden. LIUNA tweeted on November 7th that the organization was proud of tipping the election and was ecstatic about Biden’s win.

On January 19th, LIUNA tweeted its frustration with Biden’s Keystone XL slaughter. As the union stated, thousands of good paying union jobs will be lost as a result of Biden’s actions.

Social media was quick to slam LIUNA and other labor unions this week, citing the irony of the fact that the organization founded to protect skilled labor jobs endorsed and contributed $5 million dollars to a candidate who’s destroying US jobs and the economy as a whole.