Israel’s Surging Respiratory Viral Infections: A Prediction for the US?

Israel is currently grappling with a sudden surge in respiratory infections, specifically RSV (respiratory syncytial virus), occurring shortly after the nation’s successful Covid-19 vaccination rollout. RSV and other respiratory infections, which are dangerous for children and vulnerable adults, are extremely atypical this time of year.     

, “We have never seen anything like this. Since the spring, we have been seeing an increasing number of respiratory diseases, and since May there has been a surge in RSV cases.” Dr. Brosh, the head of Infectious Disease Unit at the Samson Assuta Ashdod Hospital continued, “We usually see it disappearing in the summer, but if we consider the numbers now, it looks like winter in previous years.”

Reasonable explanations for the recent surge could include the reopening of the country, discontinuing the use of masks, and increased social interactions.

Dr. Tal Snir, director of the Adolescent Clinic at Tel Aviv’s Sourasky Medical Center , “We did not see them during the winter because we were wearing masks and because of the lockdowns, but they are normal viruses.” 

Is this “reassurance” the vaccine rollout success has zero connection to the current RSV outbreak, or something more?

After all, Israel received positive global press surrounding the efficiency of their vaccine rollout. Dr. Fauci even , “I use Israel as an example of what can happen when you effectively vaccinate a substantial proportion of the people.” While optimistic, Fauci doesn’t specify his “example of what can happen.”

One can assume Fauci, the Chief Medical Advisor to the US President, is aware that Pfizer has already disclosed “what can happen” after receiving their Covid-19 vaccine: ADE (antibody-dependent enhancement). “ occurs when the antibodies generated during an immune response recognize and bind to a pathogen, but they are unable to prevent infection. Instead, these antibodies act as a “Trojan horse,” allowing the pathogen to get into cells and exacerbate the immune response.”

The Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine “risk assessment” outlines the above definition, of antibody-dependent enhanced breakthrough infections, specifically SRV, on page 29 of .   

“Disease enhancement has been seen following (Covid-19) vaccination with respiratory syncytial virus (RSV)…”   

The vaccine doses administered in Israel and Israel’s current RSV surge are a clear prediction of occurrences we can expect in the US: future CDC Health Advisories, omission of any known direct cause, and duplicitous “fact checking”