Insurrection Act declared Saturday night?

Rumors abound on social media amongst Trump’s biggest supporters that “it isn’t over! The Insurrection Act was signed last night. This is a military operation.”

Most such claims assert that Trump has overwhelming evidence of voter fraud from Italy, the US military is aware of an attempted stolen election, and Trump will use EBS to communicate with the public when most communication channels go down during an Insurrection Act .

The is vague and disputed by legal scholars as an invalid attempt to put military on US streets;

“Enacted in 1807 as an addendum to prior statutes authorizing the use of the militias, the original Insurrection Act authorized the use of the standing military in cases of foreign invasion as well as in response to internal insurrection at the request of state authorities. Congress later amended it following the Civil War and enactment of the Fourteenth Amendment in order to allow for the use of the military to enforce federal law against or over the objections of state authorities, but only to enforce certain constitutional rights or where the president determines that rebellion or similar conditions make it “impracticable” to enforce the law through normal means.”

Given the broad description of the Act, however, it appears Trump has legal standing to invoke it, as he feels that rebellion and fraud have prevented the full effect of the Constitution in this case.

People across social media Sunday are that Trump signed the Insurrection Act at midnight Sunday morning. A quick twitter search reveals that the rumor is everywhere. Is it just a rumor, or has Trump the Act?

So far, it’s just a rumor. If any credible information is obtained to the contrary, we will post it here.

Washington, D.C. airspace

As of 12:18 MST, Washington, D.C. is a no-flyover zone, which contributes to the uncertainty of this week.