Governor Polis demands magenta light bulbs days after demanding veggie burgers

In addition to his other ridiculous behaviors this year, such as tanking the Colorado economy, causing record-high unemployment with which the state’s system has failed unemployment recipients, threatening to withhold relief funding from Weld County, calling his constituents “selfish bastards,” accusing the US military of “beating-up” peaceful BLM protestors who were ransacking Denver to the tune of six-million dollars or better, claiming he didn’t know about homelessness and tents in downtown Denver in July of 2020 because he doesn’t “follow Denver politics,” and signing over 350 executive orders during COVID-19, many in the middle of the night and under the guise of “safety,” Governor Polis recently also assaulted Weld County and the five-billion dollar Colorado meat industry this week.

Fox Denver

The magenta bulbs are said to represent six-thousand Colorado lives lost to COVID-19, a number that’s highly disputed. Magenta lights are difficult to find; they are not sold at King Soopers or Safeway. Walmart only carries them online, and Amazon sells magenta bulbs beginning at sixteen-dollars-if the buyer has Prime shipping, which now costs $119 per year. The bulbs would not arrive on time without overnight shipping, which is about twenty-five dollars.

Magenta bulbs are not something that, unlike Governor Polis’s family, people have lying around their households. They’re an added cost, at a bad economic time, and most people have to leave home to find the bulbs before Friday. Polis is saying, in essence, that there is no pandemic. People don’t leave home for veggie burgers, and especially not pink light bulbs, in any phase of a pandemic.

Today is Wednesday, and Governor Polis gave five-million plus people in Colorado less than forty-eight hours notice that on Friday, the Governor demands that his now impoverished people, often waiting for unemployment checks that never come, closing the doors to their businesses for the last time, or crying for their children to see their friends in classrooms again, purchase an extraneous light bulb to signal whatever it is the Governor needs this week.

This stunt is as insulting as the Meatless Day and eerily reminiscent of the Spring of 2020 8 pm Howl. It’s a re-branded media stunt, which Coloradoans have come to expect from Governor Polis.

Governor’s Mansion July 2020

The Facebook post by Fox Denver already had generated overwhelmingly satyrical comments from the public, not supportive ones, by late evening Wednesday. Polis lives in a castle in Boulder, and he is worth about 315 million dollars. He doesn’t follow Denver politics and had no idea Antifa and other homeless drug users had taken over his Denver mansion grounds, where he does not live, over this past summer.

His humble Antifa-laden Denver abode, July 2020

Governor Polis has no idea how to govern; he alone has caused the entire economy of Colorado to collapse. Other governors have avoided the fate of completely demolished Capitol cities, except for the most incompetent of Democrats like Polis and Inslee.

Governor Polis, like Gavin Newsom and Andrew Cuomo, is revealing himself for who he truly is: a power-hungry, irrational, feeling-based tyrant who would rather prolong shutdowns and mask orders in compliance with his partisan politics rather than allow his constituents any chance at economic, and sometimes literal survival.

In all of Governor Polis’s escapades across the state for photo-ops, he could have better spent months of his time volunteering at the Colorado unemployment office, which is vastly overwhelmed due to his failures. He also could have visited the homeless areas in Denver, like his mansion, to assess the situation and pretend to care about it; but he’d rather spend time promoting veggie burgers and magenta light bulbs.

If the Governor has a shred of dignity left and wants to continue parading around Colorado touring cheese farms and selling the notion that leaving home for pink light bulbs is “essential,” then he should completely re-open Colorado. Maybe then, would it be appropriate to demand his constituents buy whatever he’s hawking on social media each week?