Fauci knew PCR tests up to 90% false positives in March 2020 and didn’t speak up

In documents obtained through an FOIA filed in district court, the concrete, indisputable proof is provided that Fauci was apprised of the problems with PCR tests in March 2020.

March 2020 revelations

PCR tests are so ineffective that The New York Times studied the amount of “Coronavirus” in positive PCR tests back in August and found that in most instances, the amount of virus present is insignificant. These tests have indicated positive COVID-19 results for chicken wings, dogs, pawpaws, a goat, and zoo animals such as lions.

For the last week of August 2020, the US recorded 46,504 positive COVID-19 tests. If a reasonable threshold were applied to distinguish viral presence versus active cases of the virus, the number might be closer to 4500 people, the New York Times exhaustive study confirmed. That study went totally ignored by policymakers until today.

The data on PCR tests do not corroborate a pandemic, which makes decisions based on the data very poor decisions. Publications such as this one, NYT, and SpringsTaxPayers.com have raised alarm bells about PCR thresholds since March, but those calls went unanswered until January 20th, the day Biden assumed the office of the Presidency.

Fauci knew that an overwhelming majority of PCR tests that turned up positive were incorrect, and he did nothing. He said nothing, and he will most likely go unscathed by legal or public consequences because the media is on his side.

For a year, the CDC and WHO have guided public policy to include lockdowns, mask orders, school closures, segregation of the elderly, and now a vaccine push that rivals China’s, all based on a lie. If a person has a positive PCR test, he has the deadly Coronavirus; that is a lie, one-hundred percent. Everyone has coronaviruses; they are everywhere, and that is why the overly sensitive PCR tests contributed, more than any other COVID-19 lie this year, to a pandemic that did not exist.

Fauci, the CDC, and the WHO should be held civilly and criminally liable for any business that shut down as a result of policies that were based on lies, lives lost to suicide and isolation based on lies, and the education lost by the nation’s youth this year…all based on lies.

The PCR tests are the biggest collective lie, with masks coming in at a close second, ever perpetrated by the US government on its own people, and the policies that ruined the nation and individual families must end now. Then, those who prolonged the lies must be held accountable.

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Jose Curveball

Amen! This is the only site with the brass and guts to call out this fraudulent political smokescreen that was coordinated by the Democrats and their Chinese Communist allies…

Jose Curveball

He truly IS Dr. Fraudci !!!

Considering other articles I’ve read linking him to illegal virus research back East that led them to partnering with the Wuhan Virology Lab, to escape more rigorous domestic testing & experimentation rules, this little tyrant has blood all over his hands and should be VILIFIED, not held out as some pop culture hero…
He’s truly Dr. Evil…


And the day after the inauguration, the WHO miraculously adjusted guidance regarding the PCR test, warning of the high risk of false positives, and against diagnosing someone as having the virus unless they also present with symptoms of COVID-19. Hence some of the reason for the dramatic decline in “cases”.

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