Walmart delves into politics and health

Above, Walmart “health ambassadors” pose for a picture. It’s bad enough that Walmart, the meeting place of unhealthy people across the nation, now

U.K. Variant found in Colorado

The first case of the U.K. variant was found in Colorado today. The man is in his twenties in Elbert County and has

Douglas Co reopen protest Saturday

At least two protests are planned in Castle Rock this week. The first is Saturday January 2nd, which is a protest in downtown

Take the vaccine or be blacklisted

On Monday, Spain’s Health Minister Salvador Illa confirmed those who do not voluntarily receive the COVID19 vaccination will be included in a register.

Denver protests January 6th

While conservatives fly and drive into Washington, D.C. on January 6th, protests are also staged for cities across the nation that day, including

January 6th riots?

Trump and wife Melania posed for Christmas photos recently. In an awkwardly conceived photo that seems out of place, the Presidential couple wear

Why does a COVID-19 vaccine contain HIV?

Nobody knows why, but a vaccine trial this week in Australia was halted because several vaccine recipients later tested positive for human immunodeficiency

January 6th Mayhem?

On January 6th, Congress will meet to count and certify the electoral votes that were sent to DC last week by each state’s

El Paso County GOP self-imploding?

The party is digging itself into an inescapable hole, and it’s all thanks to one woman and her protégés who could be counted

Polis is unhinged by COVID-19

Hug your loved ones and skip the Lysol, Colorado. Polis’ unhinged mental state should not affect Christmas.

Tri-County Health targets DCF Guns

In its latest display of government overreach, Tri-County Health now targets DCF Guns, which serves no food and doesn’t typically have customers lingering

Mandatory COVID-19 vaccines on the horizon

Get ready, Colorado. Soon, children won’t be able to attend school, and adults won’t be able to open a bank account, drive a car, buy beer, or earn a living without receiving the vaccine developed in under six months to curb the symptoms of a 99.98% survivable virus.