Walmart delves into politics and health

Above, Walmart “health ambassadors” pose for a picture. It’s bad enough that Walmart, the meeting place of unhealthy people across the nation, now

Denver protests January 6th

While conservatives fly and drive into Washington, D.C. on January 6th, protests are also staged for cities across the nation that day, including

January 6th riots?

Trump and wife Melania posed for Christmas photos recently. In an awkwardly conceived photo that seems out of place, the Presidential couple wear

January 6th Mayhem?

On January 6th, Congress will meet to count and certify the electoral votes that were sent to DC last week by each state’s

Dominion’s sketchy past in Colorado

In 2009, Colorado passed a law that required the state to perform a thorough audit of its voting security and procedures. A corresponding

Election Updates

What’s going on in the Presidential election? as of 11/4 at 12pm MST, Biden is ahead 238-213 electoral votes. Here’s a breakdown of

Tony Bobulinski Matters

Tony Bobulinski trended on Twitter organically for about 20 minutes last night before Twitter began removing posts with his name. A quick google

Election Night Blackout

Welcome to 100% Communism. Facebook is planning a total conservative blackout on election night and in the weeks following. Accounts will be blocked

VIDEO: Brianna Titone

Brianna Titone has not represented the people of House District 27 well. She repeatedly promotes the sexualization of minors by encouraging 8 year

Debate night recap

Thoughts on the Debate… Trump starts off strong, though looking admittedly angry. Biden starts off strong as well. Immediately, they enter into an