Tony Bobulinski Matters

Tony Bobulinski trended on Twitter organically for about 20 minutes last night before Twitter began removing posts with his name. A quick google search of Tony Bobulinski turns up stories from Fox and a few smaller sources, but CNN, MSNBC, and Washington Post all skipped the Bobulinski story today. That should be all you need to know about Tony Bobulinski.

The liberal press has decided not to write any stories about perhaps the most bombshell allegations of our time, let alone this election.

Bobulinski on Tucker Carlson 10/27, Fox

Why, you ask? The press couldn’t find anything to discredit Bobulinski. Therefore, the liberal media has no story in Tony; everything he said on Tucker Carlson on October 27th is credible, and he produced emails, texts, voice recordings, and pictures to back up his claims.

The press won’t run the story because it’s glaring evidence that Biden is a criminal. The press doesn’t want any negative attention on the Biden family because we have lost free press, as State Rep Mark Baisley exclaimed last week .

Last night, Bobulinski laid out Biden’s 10% profit from a Chinese deal while VP, via Sinohawk holdings. If he had described the same level of fraud, treason, and money laundering on behalf of the President, the press would have a field day skewering Trump all day…you wouldn’t be able to escape the noise. BUT-not a word about Biden this morning!

Bobulinski also showed that Adam Schiff had the opportunity to retract his statement that Bobulinski was “Russian disinformation.” Because Schiff didn’t issue a retraction, Bobulinski went on Tucker Carlson to clear his name. In the interim, Rob Walker, a close Biden associate involved in most of their lucrative foreign deals, on a recorded line, told Tony, “you’re going to bury us all, man.”

Bury whom? How? If Bobulinski has nothing credible to say, how could he bury anyone? But he’s credible, and his story should bury the Biden’s. Again, it won’t. CNN said the story isn’t credible or newsworthy.

Bobulinski met with Joe Biden directly; Joe Biden profited from deals with the CCP. When Tony asked Jim Biden how “they got away with this,” Jim replied, “plausible deniability.” The press isn’t interested.

For some reason, though allegations of Communist deals, money laundering, treason, declined mental status, incest and child molestetion swirl around the Biden’s, not one major media source chooses to dive into the Biden Crime Family.

When the press ignores the cries of people who KNOW that Joe Biden made deals with Chinese Communists, when Twitter and Facebook bury the story, we have almost reached the point of state-owned media, much like Communist China itself. That may be fine for you today, if you don’t want to hear Tony Bobulinski. But what about tomorrow, when the powers that be don’t want to tell your story, or report what’s important to you?

A free press is essential. Tony Bobulinski matters.

The entire video is available via Fox News