Debate night recap

Thoughts on the
Trump starts off strong, though looking admittedly angry. Biden starts off
strong as well.
Immediately, they enter into an open discussion. Chris is quick to cut off
Trump’s initial two minutes to give Biden the floor.
Trump alleges that Biden is a socialist. Biden counters that he IS the
Democratic Party; it’s all him right now.
Biden says that 5 million people have “contracted C19.” Trump said that
300,000 died because Biden cannot provide proper military healthcare. Biden
Trump states that he banned travel from China, which Biden didn’t want,
which saved lives. Wallace stops him there.
The floor goes back to Biden, who states that Trump wants to overturn Roe v
Wade, and it’s on the court ballot. Trump countered that it isn’t, and Biden
told him to “be quiet, Donald.”
The moderator states that a USSC case will determine if Obamacare is
overturned. Trump agrees “that’s right.”
Wallace takes a completely aggressive tone and states “you have never come
up with a plan to replace Obamacare.” For a brief period, the moderator and
Trump argue this point, with Trump stating that he had come up with a plan.
The talking point, whether fair or not, was ill conceived and biased for a
moderator to discuss.
Wallace attempts to take over the debate for about a minute, with Trump
saying that he would ask Joe. The moderator behaved totally inappropriately,
attempting to argue an entire bullet point about healthcare, without ever
asking the other candidate and simply debating Trump himself.
When asked what Trump Healthcare looks like, Trump says “firstly, I guess
I’m debating you, not him…that’s ok. I’m not surprised.”
Trump answers that he will continue to cut prescription costs, which Biden
wasn’t capable of in 47 years.
Biden and Trump then debate healthcare like drunk college kids, with Biden
simply saying, “everything he says is a lie.”
Trump claims that Biden supports socialized medicine, and that makes the
moderator irate. Biden cannot seem to counter.
The two continue to argue Obamacare for several minutes, both acting
Wallace asks Biden if he’d support packing the court if Trump passes his USSC
nominee, ACB. Biden enters into a bizarre rant about voting. The moderator
again asks if he’ll pack the court. Biden refuses to answer, admitting as
such. Trump asks who’s on his list, and Biden says, “will you shut up…” The
moderator ends the segment.
Telling a sitting president to shut up is completely uncalled for and
Biden jokes that “it was a really productive segment.” Trump adds, “In 47
years, you’ve done nothing.”
Wallace switches to the C19 topic, citing over 7 million cases and asking
both men to be serious. What would each man do differently from his opponent
to combat C19?
Biden accuses Trump of saying “it is what it is” to lost lives because “you
are who you are.” Biden says he has a plan to keep businesses and schools
open, which contradicts his claims that he would shut it all down for this
super serious virus.
Trump brings up the fact that he closed the country from Chinese travel,
with Biden prior calling him xenophobic for doing so. Trump cited Fauci and
governors that he did a phenomenal job in shutting Chinese travel, with Biden
Trump states that his campaign obtained PPE, ventilators, and soon to come
vaccines. Trump calls out the bad press for not giving him credit for those
operations. He said they only praise Biden, and he doesn’t care.
Biden says that he knows how to handle a pandemic, and Trump counters that
H1N1 was a disaster. Biden counters that so many more have lost loved ones to
C19, with Trump stating we would have lost far more people under Biden.

Wallace asks why we can’t have a vaccine ASAP, and Trump states that it’s
political thanks to people like Joe. Biden accuses Trump of telling people to
inject bleach in their arms. General boring debate ensues.
Trump turns the conversation to the fact that Biden claims he went to
Delaware state, which has no record of his attendance.
Trump enters into an assault on Biden’s 47 years, with Biden saying
something like “do you see…he’s going too fast.” The two debate shut downs
with no logical conclusions for a few minutes, and then Wallace shifts to
masks. There’s also no logical conclusion in that debate.
Trump is too afraid to be 100% anti mask, which is disappointing.
The moderator shifts to Biden’s small social distancing gatherings versus
Trump’s massive rallies. Trump points out that no surge in cases has been
caused by his rallies.
The moderator shifts to the economy. Trump praises his commitment to
re-open and jobs that have been salvaged and re-introduced. He then says that
democrat cities with tough shut downs have had massive consequences like
suicides and lost businesses. Biden aims at shutting it all down again,
according to Trump.
Biden reports that billionaires like Trump have done well under his
policies during C19, but others haven’t. The economy talk also goes nowhere.

Wallace shifts to Trump’s 2016 taxes, asking Trump if he only paid $750 in
taxes. Trump responds that he paid millions. Biden calls to see all of his
tax returns, and Trump says that we will when it’s finished. He also says you
can find all of his bank account information and under leveraged assets
Trump says he paid his taxes according to Biden’s tax codes. Biden says
that he plans to do away with Trump’s tax codes.
Biden calls Trump the “worst president America has ever had.”
The economy talks linger on, with Trump shifting to Biden’s son Hunter
receiving millions in shady Moscow deals. Biden says that isn’t true and
calls Trump a clown while Trump presses on about the issue.
The moderator says that Trump is interrupting too much, and Trump argues
that Biden did, too. This was the most un-statesmanlike behavior both men
exhibited through the night, especially Trump. That said, he isn’t receiving
fair coverage and is being debated by Wallace.
Wallace asks why each man is better suited to handle race issues.
Biden calls the protests for George Floyd in DC peaceful, accusing Trump of
tear gassing people for a photo-op. Biden says Trump will allow 1/500 black
men to die of Coronavirus. 
Trump says that Biden called black men “super predators” in his 1994 crime
bill. Trump then accuses Biden of being anti law enforcement. He says he
cannot call for law and order, or else he will lose his radical left
Biden says that bad cops need to be dealt with, but not all cops are bad.
Peaceful protests are ok, but violence isn’t.
Wallace shifts to critical race theory and asks Trump if he believes
there’s racism in the workplace. Trump responds that he ended the policy of
racial sensitivity training because people were asked to do things that were
insane. Wallace again debates this topic with Trump.
Biden says we need to know how others feel , through such training, and
accused Trump and “his people” of looking down on people like Biden.
The moderator shifts to law in order and cites a dramatic increase in
homicides across all cities, not just Democrat led ones. Trump says that
crime is worse in democrat led cities, and Biden cannot call for law and
order, or else he will lose his radical left supporters.
Biden says that COVID and the environment are greater threats that Trump
hasn’t dealt with.
Wallace asks Biden what his policy of community control of policing entails
and if he supports BLM. Biden describes community policing like your average
freshman criminal justice professor; and Trump says that’s a lie and that
Biden wants to defund the police.
Biden alleges that Trump likes fighting and violence, and that Kelly Ann
Conway said this exact quote. Trump disputes that.
Wallace asks Biden why he’s never called for the leaders of rioting cities
to end the violence, to which Biden has no coherent answer. Wallace then asks
Trump if he will call our militias and whites supremacists like he’s asked
Biden to condemn Antifa.
Trump says of course. “Proud boys, stand back and stand by.” He maintains
that Antifa and the left are the problem as Biden laughs. Biden will not
denounce Antifa, and Trump keeps the conversation there until the moderator
changes it.
Why should voters elect you over your opponent?
Trump brings up Biden’s son Hunter receiving Moscow money, and Wallace says
the American people would rather talk about something else; we wouldn’t.

Trump agrees and presses on about Moscow, but the moderator tells Trump
he’s argumentative.
The moderator changes to climate change. Trump and Biden debate that
incoherently, like old men, but that’s fine because climate change is simply
not one of the most important topics for a 90 minute debate.
Trump changes the topic to mail in ballots, citing examples of fraud. The
two argue about that for several minutes, and Trump’s claims are largely
ignored by Biden and Wallace. Trump becomes frustrated by that.
The debate ends, and we all wish it would’ve just been a fist fight.
Takeaways: Wallace was completely one sided. In some instances, he debated
the president himself, much more rigorously than Biden was able to do. It was
neither fair nor impartial.
Trump did not condemn white supremacy groups, if you could consider Proud
Boys one, which is debatable. Instead, he condemned the leftist groups like
Antifa, which is actually fine. Proud Boys as of yet have not demonstrated
violence on a nightly basis for over 100 nights.
Trump killed Biden on Law & Order. Biden can’t denounce Antifa because
he depends on their votes. He also won’t say he doesn’t want to defund the
police, which is frightening.
The debate was a shit show, but Trump is still the clear choice, given the
reasons above. That said, a Chili’s parking lot seems like the next logical