Election Updates

What’s going on in the Presidential election? as of 11/4 at 12pm MST, Biden is ahead 238-213 electoral votes. Here’s a breakdown of the remaining states to be called:

Wisconsin (10) -Trump was winning Wisconsin by midnight. However, by morning 11/4, media outlets have Biden ahead by 21,000 votes. Overnight, Trump will demand a recount in Wisconsin.

Wisconsin has more votes than registered voters

Arizona (11) Biden is ahead by 93,000 votes with 84% of precincts reporting. Allegedly, there are some issues in Maricopa County, where voters may have been given sharpies to vote. Voting machines do not recognize sharpies.

Georgia (16)- Trump is ahead by 85,000 votes with 95% of precincts reporting. Counting should be complete today, 11/4 .

Pennsylvania Count-Photo from CBS

Nevada (6)- Biden is ahead by 8,000 votes with less than 70% of precincts reporting.

Michigan (16)- As of midnight, Trump was ahead. By morning 11/4, Biden is ahead by 46,000 votes with 96% of precincts reporting. Michigan locates 130,000+ ballots overnight and continues to locate more ballots, mostly for Biden. Michigan counting should be complete by Wednesday evening.

North Carolina (15)-Trump is ahead by 65,000 votes with 94% of precincts reporting.

Pennsylvania (20)-Trump is ahead by 456,000 votes with 64% of precincts reporting. Pennsylvania is halfway through counting their mail in ballots and has said the advantage will be for Biden when complete. Pennsylvania states they will need until Friday to complete counting.

If Trump keeps the states he’s forecasted to hold, he would take Georgia, Alaska, and North Carolina to be at 248 votes. If Biden holds Arizona, Nevada, and Michigan, he would have 270 votes. Pennsylvania (20) would signal a victory for Biden but would place Trump 2 votes behind Biden at 268 electoral votes.

Breaking 12:45 MST- Wisconsin called for Biden. Re-count demanded by Trump.

Therefore, if all states hold as they are at 12pm MST on 11/4, Biden wins. If Trump is able to carry Nevada (6) or Arizona (11), then a Pennsylvania win would tip the scales for a Trump presidency. Without one more state and Pennsylvania, the victory is Biden’s.