Walmart delves into politics and health

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Above, Walmart “health ambassadors” pose for a picture. It’s bad enough that Walmart, the meeting place of unhealthy people across the nation, now employs “health ambassadors” to enforce mask mandates and social distancing.

Health ambassador adventures

Now, Walmart has delved into politics and the US voting system, which is curious since the corporate giant can’t figure out how to expedite the checkout process.

Walmart’s Wednesday tweet

Walmart responded to Josh Hawley’s call for election integrity by calling him a sore loser. Remember, Walmart has been largely unaffected by lockdowns and other political strife this year, so its easy for the corporation to slam onlookers without billions of dollars.

Walmart’s apology

Though the company later apologized, the internet never forgets. Calls for a boycott of Walmart spread like wildfire across social media Wednesday.

The Colorado Herald