JeffCo Republicans won’t certify election results

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Citing controversy surrounding the election and the desire for transparency, Jefferson County Republicans this morning called for a bipartisan audit of election results before certifying the election.

JeffCo Republicans statement

Denise Mund, Jefferson County Republican Chairwoman, called for a thorough audit of the 2018 and 2020 elections. Particularly, Mund wants an investigation into Dominion software, which has been wrought with fraud allegations since Election Day. The VP of Dominion is a known Antifa agitator, and Trump’s attorneys believe massive election fraud was committed within Dominion’s software.

Jefferson County Republicans are the first in the state to refuse to certify. The same happened in various counties across the nation, particularly Michigan, where the Trump campaign feels nefarious actors like Coomer, Dominion software may have intervened in the election. With most of Trump’s lawsuits going nowhere, the Dominion claim is the strongest remaining claim of fraud.

The Colorado Herald