Lora Thomas is a Firm No on Masks Mandates because She Has Common Sense

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Lora Thomas is running for Douglas County Comissioner against Darien Wilson, the Emerge candidate whose close company includes Tay Anderson and Candi CdeBaca.

Lora has stood firm against Tri County mask mandates since Day 1, something that her radical communist opponent shamed her for on social media.

Darien touts masks as “science,” and says that Lora Thomas should have helped Tri County shut down the County much quicker and enforce mandates…over the virus with a 99.98% survival rate.

Darien calls Lora a “crackpot” conspiracy theorist (or Darien’s aggressive campaign manager calls Lora a crackpot)

However, it’s debatable whether or not Darien has any healthcare knowledge. Despite that fact, she’s in full support of more government control over our bodies and health.

The Colorado Herald