Trump’s double-digit loss touted by MSM

Mainstream media is
selling this story like hot cakes; Trump is losing by double digits now!
Americans, your president is now trailing Biden by twice the margin he was
last month. Everybody jump ship now! He’s a super spreader, and no one is
voting for him.
The goal of this narrative is hot garbage; tell Americans Trump is losing
by a landslide, cause a change in momentum. Too bad it’s a really bad poll.

Mainstream media and the Biden administration are betting on the fact that
the average American will not go obtain and read the poll himself, and for
the most part the media is correct. The average reader will not do so.
But if you’re reading this page, you aren’t the average reader. You know
there’s more to the story.
Guess how many people NBC polled in this “scientific” poll that’s being
touted all over social media as a symbol of Trump’s decline and failure to
adhere to the rules of the China virus?
800 PEOPLE. And they’re the same “focus group” that’s been polled by NBC
for several months now. So because these 800 people (who NBC obtained through
means not described) poll a certain way, we are to believe that Trump will
lose in a landslide?
Makes sense. 800 people out of 328 million should definitely speak for the
That’s okay, though. This election will be a repeat of 2016. Those 800
people speak for no one, in actuality.…/95-4dd5df39-c1e5-4209-9134……/7221894-200781-NBCWSJ…