Denver Businesses Board-up because the Left is Not Peaceful

Denver businesses have boarded up to prevent widespread looting on Election Day. The controversial move, according to Mayor Hancock, comes after several credible threats were reviewed by law enforcement.

Downtown Denver 10/30

The move signals to many that a Trump win is likely, as Conservatives have not looted in Denver during civil unrest or protests. All looting and rioting has come from the left, Antifa and BLM mainly. However, the Denver Communists have propagated their share of violence.

Denver 10/30

So far in 2020, the left, the party that preaches love and tolerance, has caused over $5 million dollars in damage to downtown Denver businesses and public spaces. All damage costs will be paid by Colorado tax payers.

To date, Denver public officials have not condemned the violence or looting. Denver businesses received a post card last week that told them to board up their storefronts.

Denver 10/30

Sufficed to say, the complicity of Denver officials in violence and looting has left many business owners frustrated. If said business owners are frustrated by the lack or enforcement of statutes by Denver Police, they should not look to a Biden presidency for relief. Both Biden and Harris have supported Defund the Police movements since June 2020.