Nashville explosion connected to Dominion?

An explosion inside an RV in downtown Nashville early Christmas morning sounded alarm bells through the city and nation. As the day progressed, the explosion was deemed intentional. A recording inside the RV warned people nearby to evacuate for fifteen minutes prior to the explosion.

The crime is described by the officials as intentionally causing as little death or injury as possible. The building that sustained the most damage is the downtown Nashville AT&T building, which could have been intentionally targeted.

Is there a link to the US elections and or/Dominion?

Dominion Voting Systems was acquired by Staple Street Capital in July, 2018. William Kennard, one of the capital group’s board members, was also named Chairman of the Board at AT&T, so Kennard serves on both AT&T and Dominion boards.

Paul E. Singer-Elliott Management, which funneled millions into the Trump investigation and also funneled money into liberal causes for the last several elections, controls AT&T in function. The management company was once represented by Chuck Schumer’s brother Robert. Since Robert’s representation in 2018, AT&T has been focused on outsourcing jobs to other nations and amnesty for foreign nationals.

Dominion’s 2018 AT&T relationship

AT&T and Dominion have some curious ties to each other. Just days ago, AT&T was reportedly awarded the contract to audit Dominion voting machines. Additionally, AT&T has been a large part of the “process” of improving USA voting in partnership with Dominion.

AT&T with Dominion

Staple Street Capital, the group that acquired Dominion in 2018, also owns the building where Nashville AT&T is housed. Considering the bomber(s) didn’t want anyone injured or killed, the targeting of the AT&T building is alarming and possibly a foreshadowing of the weeks to come.