Two more capitol arrests

According to the FBI, two more arrests have been made in connection with Wednesday’s storming of the Capitol. “WASHINGTON, D.C. – Two men

D.C. Chaos: Antifa rumors and Trump’s last stand

The only violence and destruction so far can be attributed to right wing extremists, Trump will be conceding peacefully, and it’s time for everyone to get out of the streets and go home.

MAGA or Antifa?

Hundreds of photos of Trump supporters at the Capitol in Washington, D.C. flooded mainstream media over the last several hours. Headlines claim that

Riots tonight?

Violence will most likely be the case, as the police officer who shot Blake seven times in the back was not charged today.

Walmart delves into politics and health

Above, Walmart “health ambassadors” pose for a picture. It’s bad enough that Walmart, the meeting place of unhealthy people across the nation, now

Denver protests January 6th

While conservatives fly and drive into Washington, D.C. on January 6th, protests are also staged for cities across the nation that day, including

Dominion’s sketchy past in Colorado

In 2009, Colorado passed a law that required the state to perform a thorough audit of its voting security and procedures. A corresponding

Tay Anderson is just racist

Tay tweeted the above tweet this morning because apparently he wakes up angry at white people. If you’re Tay Anderson, you can say

Tay Anderson quitting DPS Board?

Tay Anderson’s slew of missteps this year leant a pretty questionable feeling to his tenure as DPS Secretary. Tay Anderson briefly tweeted that

Denver Communists: Black Lives Still Matter

Denver Communists want you to know that Black Lives Still Matter…apparently enough statues weren’t torn down in the Spring. Or perhaps they now

Clark continues fear mongering on Twit’r

People aren’t cowering in the suburbs; they’re eating dinner in the suburbs and throwing parties in the suburbs, while choosing not to support