Riots tonight?

Violence will most likely be the case, as who shot Blake seven times in the back was not charged today. BLM and Antifa have called for riots if Rusten Sheskey, the officer, wasn’t charged with murder today.

The was activated Monday ahead of the announcement. Blake’s father took that as an indication that charges wouldn’t be brought and made public calls for protestors to arrive in Kenosha.

Blake’s arrest and shooting caused of riots in August with multiple shootings and massive damage to the city. BLM is incensed that a black man was killed by police. Blake was instructed at the time of the incident to stop, but he walked to his car, which contained two knives. A bystander claimed that he heard officers yell to “drop the knife.” Back the blue advocates feel the officer was justified because the suspect had a prior warrant, disobeyed police commands, and was in possession of a weapon.

Feeling threatened by the prospect of a weapon in the vehicle, Sheskey shot the suspect, and many critics believe that seven shots were far too many. Blake is left paralyzed from the waist down from the shooting, but the incident raises many questions about the use of police force and the defund movement’s goals.

Blake had at any time the ability to make one of two decisions, comply with police commands or not. Complying usually has predictable outcomes. Choosing “not” leads to unpredictable outcomes because police officers have a duty to preserve and protect safety for themselves and their communities. Sheskey had a sliver of time during which he had to decide if he wanted to find out what Blake was jogging back to his vehicle for, or shoot Blake.

The protests tonight in Kenosha are ill timed, as thousands converge in and all fifty state capitols tomorrow for a massive Stop the Steal protest.

Perhaps the climate will remain “mostly peaceful” in Kenosha tonight, and all other states, for the next 48 hours. It seems unlikely, and someone should keep an eye on the Georgia runoffs and ballots while the riots break out.

Photo: Foundation for Economic Freedom